Lyrical Vibing

He broke my headphones…

I stared at the severed wire of my headphones. This pair lasted me two years of consistent musical flow and lyrical magic. These headphones helped me truly listen to some of the best music I’ve ever heard. And now, they were gone.

My hands held the headphones as if they could have been saved. I slowly found myself putting the headphones back on even with the lack of sound coming from them. With the cushioned ear muffs, all of the sound of the real world suddenly vanished, leaving behind nothing but pure silence. I brought my attention back to the man who was still yelling at me. But now, I couldn’t hear a single word that he uttered at me. I easily could have read his lips to figure what what kind of words and insults he was calling me, but it didn’t matter. He broke my headphones. And he had to pay.

During his ranting I unplugged the other end of the aux cable from my phone, which was at least a meter and a half in length. I stared straight at the man as I wrapped a bit of the wire around my hand. Before he had a chance to react, my fist connected with him square in his jaw—my knuckles cracked upon impact. Just like how I reacted when I was his, the sudden strike to his jaw knocked him back and off of his feet. He grabbed at his jaw to make sure it was fine and then pointed at me. I could see his mouth moving, most likely threatening me with some kind of retaliation, but I couldn’t hear the slightest of what he said. He tried to get back up onto his feet but I lunged straight at him, using my body to keep him down. He tried to fight me off, throwing punches on my arms and chest in an attempt to escape, but I was already focused on making him pay. Through his punches, I managed to wrap the remainder of the aux cable around his neck and began pulling, wedging it right on top of his windpipe. His mouth stayed agape, struggling to suck in air. His hands reached out and tried to scratch at my face, but as I pulled back to avoid him getting at my eyes, it only made the wire wrap even tighter around his throat. I kept back, his body flailing around to try and survive. After a minute or so of no air, the man’s movements slowly stopped. I leaned forward and focused on him, his face now stuck in the anger look from before, appropriately calling it a “mask-like expression.”

I took a moment and sat on his chest as I unraveled the wire from his neck. Beats of sweat dripped from my forehead. I wiped them away and slowly got back to my feet.

“Don’t ever break my flow,” I said.

I broke my attention and looked out of the window, seeing the large neon lights and tall buildings of the metro area quickly approaching. I only had a couple of seconds to make everything look normal. Taking a deep breath to try and calm my nerves, I picked up the man’s lifeless body and threw him on to the seats, laying him down on his side to make it look like he was sleeping. It wasn’t uncommon to see somebody sleeping in business attire, especially on a late-night train. To try and distance myself from the body I quickly walked down to the other end of the train car and stood in front of the doors at it pulled into the station. There were a handful of people waiting on the edge of the platform, most likely brunt out from having too much fun and wanted to return home to recover. I stuffed the wire into my back pocket and bobbed my head, acting as if music was playing. Once the doors opened, I casually walked off the train, noticing a man and woman getting onto the train after me. From the look on their faces, their cheeks were flushed and their faces were stuck with laughter. I smiled.

“They won’t notice a dead body.”

I headed for the closest exit of the station and made it back to street level, feeling the station tremble ever so slightly as my train left for its next stop. Passing through the turnstile of the station and onto the corner of the streets, I was greeted with a wide array of neon signs, the smell of freshly grilled food from nearby restaurants, and met a crowd of people going to-and-fro along the main path that lead through the metro area. This is what I came here for.

Taking off my headphones and letting them sit around my neck, my ears were suddenly blasted with the loud chatter and cheering of people having the time of their lives. In front of some restaurants and stores were people handing out fliers to try and get even more business. The scent of food made my stomach growl with a passion. Even though I could eat, that fell down on my priority list. I looked around for a moment and found a garbage can on a street corner. I took the headphones off of my neck and looked at them for a moment.

“We had a good run, eh?” I whispered to them. I knew they couldn’t respond back, but it felt respectful as they helped me listen to great music. Finished with them, I dropped them into the trash and looked up at the neon signs, noticing a bright blue one that had the word “tech” on it.

“Time to find some new headphones,” I said to myself as I disappeared in the crowd of people in the metro.

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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