Lyrical Vibing

No matter how many times I heard a track, whether it was something I heard only a couple days ago or one from years ago, I memorized every lyric, chorus, and line of nearly every song. If it came from a song I didn’t like, I remembered why I disliked it and would occasionally freestyle over those parts. And if was from a song I enjoyed, I just listened to it and sang it so much that it was only natural that I would know it like the back of my hand. To many, music is a form of expression, allowing them to share their thoughts and feelings. For some, it’s just another form of entertainment. People even use music to help them remember something important, kind of like a way people tie string around their finger to help them not forget something. But for me, it’s a lot simpler than all of that.

I just like music because it sounds good.

As the beat and flow of the song started picking up, my body naturally got up from my seat and started dancing a bit, singing even louder. It was a small struggle trying to find the right balance when the train made a turn, but I managed to find a groove to keep myself from falling on my ass. My night was going smoothly. It was, until the music stopped.

During one of my calmer moments of dancing, something heavy struck me in the back of the head, forcing me to jerk forward and make my headphones to go flying off. The sudden hit caught me so off guard that I ended up dropping down to one knee and kept my head down, waiting for the shaking to come to a halt.

I rubbed the space between my eyes and groaned, “What the hell just happened? Felt like something crashed into me. Did I hit a pole without realizing it?”

“Don’t you have any consideration for other people on the train? Stop singing so goddamn loudly.”

Hearing another voice added to the puzzling moment. I looked back to see what was going on. Right behind me was the man from the other side of the train and two other people in the same navy blue outfit to his side. Taking a moment to rub my eyes, the shaking finally game to a halt and the other two men seemed to slowly vanish. I guess I was so dazed that I saw copies.

When I finally came to everything around me seemed so much wilder than before. The scraping of the train’s wheels on the railing as it made a sharp turn pierced my ear. The bright lights from the train car nearly blinded me, taking a moment for my eyes to fully adjust. The calm rocking suddenly became more violent, making me struggle to get back onto my feet.

I confronted the man, “Why the hell did you hit me?”

The man’s face was scrunched up in a twisted frown of anger, almost mask-like as if he’s made that face numerous times before. He took deep breaths and his nostrils flared as he stared straight at me, almost intimidating if it wasn’t for the small height difference between us. He pointed at me and jerked a bit, “You have no respect for other people when out in public.”

“What are you–”

He turned his attention to my headphones that were near the train car door, “Your singing was nothing but loud, obnoxious noise to me and the others.”

Genuinely curious about who was talking about I turned around in place, looking at both ends of the train car, “Who are you talking about? It’s only you and me in here.”

The man went on a rant about regardless of who was on the train that I shouldn’t be singing so loudly in a public area. I gave a quick rebuttal about how it was late at night and that there’s usually nobody riding the trains at this time. On top of that, if my music was such a problem, he easily could have walked between train cars to find an empty one. He ignored everything I said and continued to yell. As he went on with his rant I looked at my headphones and walked over to inspect them. The left side had a large scratch, ruining the matte black and sleek silver look to them. I flipped them around to the right ear and saw a piece of wire sticking out from where the aux cable would be sticking out. I froze when I saw the piece of audio cable lodged into my headphones. Just to make sure I wasn’t still dazed and seeing things, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. At the top of it was the other end of the aux cable and a long piece of wire that reached down to the ground leading to nowhere.

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