A cold chill went down my spine when I felt his hot breath brush against my neck. Hearing him whisper was like hearing metal blades scratching across a blackboard in a class room: rugged and painful on the ear. I tried my best not to react in any way, wanting to keep this little lying game going. And from with the way things are going, my time to shine was right around the corner.

Let’s test the waters.

Following the mood he’s trying to set, I leaned into him and whispered in his ear, my hand pressing on his chest, “¿Cómo te llamas?”

The man quickly pulled back, his eyes wide as he stared at me in genuine shock. Considering the fact that he reacted like that, I think it’s safe to say he had no idea what I said. He must be more of an idiot I had originally thought.

He stared for a moment before giving me a slick smile, “Your Spanish sounds so sexy with that accent. Unfortunately, I don’t know what you said.”

A genuine laugh escaped my mouth, “I asked for your name.”

He laughed too and said, “It’s Trevor.”

“I’m Diane. It’s a pleasure, I’m sure.”

He gave me a nod before looking over to the bar, calling Robert over to place an order, “Hey, can I get two shots of your top shelf tequila? Two limes as well.”

Robert looked at Trevor and acknowledged his request. He then flashed a quick glace at me, raising his eyebrows as a sign, asking if I was good. I gave a thumbs up and nodded, assuring him everything was okay. After checking in on me, Robert turned around and reached up to the highest shelf and grabbed a black bottle with no labels or information on it, poured it into two small shot glasses, and placed them in front of me and Trevor. Robert next placed a napkin by the glasses and put two lime slices on top.

“Enjoy,” he said, before going about his bartender duties. Trevor and I both picked up a shot glass and raised them up.

“Salud,” Trevor said with a wink.

It seemed like that was the only Spanish word he knew. How appropriate.

I winked back and brought my shot glass to my lips, pausing for a moment to watch Trevor take his shot. He threw his head all the way back, letting out a loud cough and shivering as he drank the tequila. His eyes were shut tight as he tried to endure the taste. Using that moment, I poured out my shot into the half-empty glass of tequila I already had. I slammed down my shot glass to make it seem like I drank it, and then picked up the lime and bit into it to make it seem like I had a reaction too. Considering the fact that I already had a nice amount to drink, the sour taste of the lime actually cut some of the lingering burning sensation in my mouth. Refreshing.

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