As soon as those words came out my mouth, Trevor began freaking out and managed to break free of my grip by making himself fall back in his seat. Both him and the metal seat went crashing to the floor, a loud bang ringing throughout the bar. Anybody who was here quickly looked right in our direction, watching things unfold.

With the combination of the obvious large amounts of alcohol in his system, and my abrupt change in personality, Trevor shook with terror as he pointed at me, “You fucking crazy bitch. What are you, a vampire?”

Seeing him on the ground, I smiled at him and held my hands out, spreading my fingers out wide as if I had claws, “Your blood must taste delicious. I bet you’ll taste like whiskey~”

Screaming at the top of his lunges, Trevor hurried onto his feet and rushed out of the bar, tackling the door open and quickly vanishing from my sight. I kept my hands stretched out and turned, following him until he was gone. I let out a deep sigh and relaxed, looking around at the staring gaze from the other customers.

I waved my hands, “Sorry about that, everybody. Just some random guy who couldn’t hold his liquor. Thankfully I don’t know him.”

A couple of people laughed at my witty remark. After a few seconds, everybody went back to focus on their own tables, laughing, drinking, and eating with whoever they were with. Trying to bring normality back, I got out of my seat and went to pick up the chair Trevor knocked over in his frightful panic. On the ground was a weathered black wallet. I picked it up and sat back in my seat, going through it’s contents—a couple single bills of cash, Trevor’s New York State ID, and five different credit cards, four of them actually being expired.

“I can see why he dressed like this,” I said aloud as I took out the only valid credit card, “the man never paid his dues and gets new cards.”

I tossed the wallet back to the ground and called out for Robert. He finished up with another drink order before coming back to me, leaning on the counter. He had a smile on his face.

“What the hell was that all about?” he asked.

I shrugged and sipped my tequila, “Just another random drunk guy trying to hit on me, got freaked out, and an out to safety from me. Nothing strange.”

“How tipsy are you?”

I paused for a moment, trying to figure out how hazy my mind felt. “Got a buzz. Felt like having a bit of fun.” I handed Robert the credit card.

“You had more than a bit of fun,” he replied, taking the credit card and looking at it. It kept his eyes on it for only a brief moment before walking over to the register and inputting something on the touch screen, “I’m putting all of your drinks on his bill. Plus an added fee for running out on his tab.”

“Add another beer for me on it.”


“Gracias, Roberto.”

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Copyright © 2021 by Luka Tatsujo

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