Waiting for Trevor’s little alcoholic show to end, I picked up my glass of tequila and relaxed in my seat, watching him. With his shivers finally done, he rushed for the lime and sucked on it until no juice was left. He put the remnants of it on the napkin and looked at me with a wink smile.

“Seems like you didn’t like it,” I stated, taking a small sip from my glass.

Trevor took a deep breath and shook his head, “Christ, tequila is a real unique taste. I’m so used to whiskey and gin.” He pointed to the black bottle on the shelf behind the counter, “That top shelf stuff ain’t a joke.”

“It’s an acquired taste. At least, real tequila is, not that factory bullshit.”

Before Trevor could talk, he started coughing a bit and pounded on his chest to help ease it up. You’re a man dressed up all fly and making yourself look like you’re rich with fat stacks, and you cough over a single shot of tequila? I thought your pickup lines were subpar and bland, but now seeing you being this weak over a drink cemented my original thoughts: you suck. Seeing how you don’t even know how to count in Spanish, I think it’s time for me to have a bit of fun~

I took another sip of tequila and put my glass back down. Adjusting my seat for the best position for this, I moved closer to Trevor and pressed my hand on his chest, using a finger to draw small circle on him. I looked him right in the eye and gave a warm smile, “Top shelf tequila isn’t the only thing you should be taking seriously tonight.”

Trevor didn’t hesitate to return the feeling. He moved his seat closer and slowly wrapped his arm around my waist, keeping his voice low, “Oh yeah? What should I be taking seriously?”

I put my hands on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, “Te mataré y bailaré en tu sangre, mi amor.”

Hearing me utter another Spanish sentence, Trevor pulled back and looked at me, his eyebrow raised, “What does that mean?”

I giggled and lied, “It’s just something I want to do to you. Something dark, mysterious, and naughty.”

“Can you give me a little hint?”

Playing into the mood, I put my finger to my lip and looked around, acting as if I was trying to think, “Let’s see… Well, it’s a bit embarrassing, but I think you’ll be into it.”

“What is it?”

I grabbed his shoulders tight, digging my fingernails into him, “Do you like pain?”

Trevor’s eyes widened with concern when I asked him the question. He tried to move his shoulders to get rid of my hands, but my grip was firm on him, my nails slowly getting deeper into his shoulders. I lunge forward and lick his neck, gently nibbling. I back up and looked at him with a sly smile.

“I like blood~”

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