Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Ramen and Boobage



It’s your move. You’re stuck.”

That’s what you think. There’s still some left for me to have a comeback!”

Tension is slowly building in the Ninja Room; the only two students in the room have their eyes locked on each other, making sure nobody is trying slip something by. Sitting at the small round table in the middle of the room, the pair of ninja students are finishing up an intense game of Old Maid.

Bright blonde hair fanned out at the edges and reaching down her back with curled bangs and long streak in front, the girl ties the blue ribbon in her hair. As she leans on the table a bit, the top of her Hanzō uniform opens up a bit more, but her cleavage is blocked by the blue tie in front. The back of her skirt rising up, third-year Hanzō student Katsuragi brings her cards closer to her friend and fellow student.

Jet black hair evenly cut at its ends, bangs just above her eyes, and streaks that reach down her breasts, the girl calmly sits on her knees. Unlike Katsuragi, this girl’s uniform is perfectly pressed and adjusted, matching her personality. Her eyes are laser focused on Katsuragi’s hand of cards; she know that if she picks the wrong card, she’ll lose the game. Lifting her hands to pick a card, third-year Hanzō student Ikaruga puts her fingers on a card.

Katsuragi calls out Ikaruga on her play style, “You’re trying to stall.”

Confidently shaking her head, Ikaruga replies, “Not every strategy needs to be rushed. You just picked cards without thinking.”

Ikaruga slowly moves her finger from left to right, lightly grazing it over Katsuragi’s cards. After a few moments of pure silence, she makes a decision and pinches a card on the top, leaving her fingers there.

Are you sure you want that one, Ikaruga?”

Without a doubt.”

Ikaruga takes a deep breath before lifting up the card. A big grin fills Katsuragi’s face.

She’s done! Time to claim my prize!

With the game deciding card in hand, Ikaruga turns it around so she can see the results of her planning; upon seeing the card, her face fills with regret, while Katsuragi throws her hands up in a cheer.

Yeah, you got the Joker! Time for your punishment!”

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