Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Ramen and Boobage

Picking up a pair of chopsticks, she picks up one of the rolls and takes a big bite out of it, giving off a loud crunch from the seaweed. When she takes a bite, a small tear trickles out from the corner of her eye; full of well blended flavors and textures, Katsuragi wasn’t prepared for how good the roll would have came out. Noticing the tear, Ikaruga questions Katsuragi.

You don’t like it? Was there too much salt in the fish?”

Katsuragi slowly puts her chopsticks down on her plate and closes her eyes.

No… It’s not that… It’s amazing.”

Ikaruga blushes a bit from embarrassment, taking pride in the compliment, “I’m glad. I wasn’t sure it would have came out so well. For some reason, I’m missing a few ingredients.”

What were some of the things you wanted to use?”

Well, I found this pack of pepper flakes that could have made it a bit spicy. It’s called a “Ghost Chili Pepper.”

Katsuragi freezes; the ghost chili pepper is known to be the hottest pepper on the planet. Even a few flakes from this could cause a person to sweat in a matter of seconds. Katsuragi puts her elbows on the counter and rubs her face, taking a heavy sigh of relief.

I just sabotaged my own death!

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