Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Ramen and Boobage

It can’t be… I watched your cards so closely!”

Katsuragi leans more on the table to get a closer look at Ikaruga, who lets out a deep sigh and crosses her arms.

Let’s get this–”

Not allowing her to finishing her sentence, Katsuragi gives a powerful flick to Ikaruga’s forehead. There’s a small red spot from previous flicks, but now, it’s twice the size, looking like a small coin was pressed there for some time. Thankfully, Ikaruga’s hairstyle can easily hide it in case anybody tries to see what happened to her. Ikaruga flinches back after the punishment and quickly rubs her forehead, trying to make the pain go away.

You didn’t have to do it so hard that time!”

Katsuragi crosses her arms and chuckles, giving a prideful smile.

You agreed to the rules: ‘every loss you get, the punishment becomes more severe. Once you get three losses, the final punishment will be…’”

Katsuragi quickly gets up from her seat and puts her foot on the table, pointing down directly at Ikaruga. She then clenches her fist and deepens her voice to seem as demanding as possible.

‘Letting the victor get an hour long non-stop groping session!’”

Both hands out and fingering wiggling, Katsuragi slowly inches towards Ikaruga.

So let me get a feel.”

Quickly covering her breasts, a light blush on her cheeks and a strong glare, Ikaruga denies the rules of the game, “No! And you just added that last part! Nobody would agree to that and you know it!”

Are you sure?”


Their eyes lock in an intense showdown, Katsuragi and Ikaruga stand perfectly still, not even blinking. A gentle breeze blows through the room, making their hair blow and flutter around. Katsuragi carefully looks at Ikaruga’s face; not a single blemish on her face, the glare acting as a warning sign.

After a long thought, Katsuragi finally gives up, letting out a loud sigh and dropping back down onto her cushion seat. She leans back on the steps behind her and scratches her head.

It was worth a try. You may be the class rep, but you sure know how to make a pretty harsh glare.”

Ikaruga relaxes, knowing she doesn’t have to worry about Katsuragi trying to do something. For now. Finished with their card game, they start cleaning up the table and takes out a few snacks from the small dresser near the steps. Putting everything on the table, they lounge around for the rest of the day.

An hour later, Katsuragi is laying on her stomach, kicking her legs back and forth as she’s watching the T.V in front of her.

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