Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Ramen and Boobage

Katsuragi gives a thumbs up and Ikaruga leaves, the door making a loud click as it closes behind her. Left alone, Katsuragi slumps over in her chair, just waiting for the food to finish. As she waits, her eyes slowly widens as she comes to the sudden realization that she’s alone: she can fix the food to make sure she doesn’t end up as a casualty of culinary mistakes.

Springing up from her seat, she rushes behind the counter and sees a perfectly organized area of supplies, ingredients, and plates ready to serve. Behind her is a small burner with a pot full of noodles boiling away.

Let’s see… What can I change to make sure this doesn’t go through?”

Katsuragi looks at the noodles, and then turns up the heat, trying to overcook them. A small grin appears on her face, “No noodles, no ramen rolls.”

Next up, she sees a small plate of nicely stacked filet fish. She takes the plate and slides most of the fish into a trash bin underneath the counter, leaving just one small piece in the middle, “There’s only enough for a roll or two. Increases my chances of living!”

Last step, Katsuragi takes most of the seasoning packets and reads through the ingredients of different spices and herbs, “Most of this stuff doesn’t even mix… I think I literally just saved my life.”

The sliding door starts rattling. Out out time, Katsuragi takes a few of the packets and hides it between her breasts. She rushes from behind the counter and back to her seat, taking a casual pose; Ikaruga walks back into the room holding a pack of dried seaweed leaves.

I have everything I need to finish this.”

Ikaruga goes back behind the counter; she has a confused look at she notices her ingredients are missing.

Where did all the fish go? I could have sworn I had more. And the noodles are overcooked! Katsuragi, you didn’t turn off the stove?”

Oh, uh, sorry. I went to the bathroom.”

Ikaruga lets out a small sigh and shrugs, “Looks like I’ll barely have enough to make a whole serving. I’ll be done in just a second.”

Taking her time to assemble a reasonably sized sushi roll, Ikaruga takes the remaining ingredients to do the best she can. Katsuragi cautiously awaits the results. A few minutes later, Ikaruga puts a plate with two sushi rolls, each one worth about three bites. The middle is filled with rice, seasoned fish, and are wrapped with thick noodles to hold everything together. Katsuragi looks down at the plate.

This actually looks kinda good…”

Ikaruga has a smile on her face, “Give it a try.”

Katsuragi claps her hands together, “Thanks for the food.”

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