Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Ramen and Boobage

B… C… Another C… Oh, she’s totally a D.”

Sitting on the top step right next to Katsuragi, Ikaruga looks up from her novel. She glaces at the T.V, then at Katsuragi.

What are you doing? Why are you calling out letters?”

I’m trying to guess the cup size on all the girls that I see on the screen. There goes an E-cup!”

I swear Katsuragi, you need to stop thinking about breasts so much! How will you be able to be productive if you’re always thinking about that?”

Hey, I can still be productive and grope a few pairs every now and then! I’m a third year after all.”

Without trying to understand Katsuragi’s logic, Ikaruga shakes her head and goes back to reading. Shortly after, something makes a loud grumbling sound. Ikaruga puts her book down again and looks at Katsuragi.

Are you getting hungry right about now?”

I could eat. Let’s go out and get something. There’s a new ramen shop that just opened up that I wanted to try out.”

Ikaruga crosses her arms and goes into a slight ponder, talking to herself, “Ramen… It’s been a while since I made that. I wounder if I could make that into some kind of sushi roll…”

Ikaruga looks around and sees the small sushi station set up near the front of the room. She quickly gets up from the steps and walks over there.

Eyes glued to the T.V, Katsuragi changes the channel, finding something new to watch. As she’s flipping through the channels, and pointing out women bust sizes, she can hear the sound of knives being sharpened, followed by the sound of cutting. She ignores it and focuses solely on the T.V.

A few minutes later, Ikaruga calls out to Katsuragi, “Katsuragi, how do you like your ramen?”

Thick noodle, light broth with a lot of flavor, big chunks of the meat floating around with toppings in it.”

Ikaruga nods and quickly collects the items from behind the sushi station. With various items in front of her, she puts her finger on her lip and tries to figure out how the recipe should go.

Hmm… The fish goes in the middle, but I should let it marinate in a light broth before putting it in. Then there’s also the use of noodles and toppings… I got it!”

Putting on an apron with her name on it and a small green frog design around it, Ikaruga quickly gets to work preparing the dish.

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