Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Daily Routine Delivery

“Are you sure you’ll be okay with just buying something from the store?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Besides, it’s not like this is the first time I’ve had to do it.”

I crouch down so I could be eye level with Alexis and reach into the car to fix the buttons on her shirt, “I know, but still. Feels like you don’t like my cooking so you’re just rushing out so you don’t have to eat it.” Finished, I look directly at her and give her a sad look, making sure my bottom lip starts quivering for effect.

She can’t resist seeing me with such a sad face. There’s no way she’ll be able to work with a clear conscience knowing I’m upset.

I lean into the car a bit, making sure I’m right in front of Alexis’s face. She glances at the rear-view mirror to make sure her glasses on perfectly lined up on her face and her hair is nearly combed into a ponytail. I see her eye glance at me for a split second before looking at the mirror again, “It’s not going to work this time, Sam.”

Did she just ignore me being sad? What, no, bullshit! “But Alexis, it makes me all sad that you’re leaving without eating my food! How else are you going to make it through work without having something in your system?”

Alexis shrugs then finally focuses her attention on me like she should, “I dunno. I just make it. I’m just sitting down all day at a desk typing, it’s not hard. Besides, don’t you do the same thing here since you’re playing games in the living room all day?”

My eyes widen when I realize that she pulled out the “Gamer” card. She knows that I’m passionate about gaming and that even the slightest conversation about gaming can get me going for hours and hours. Although, I feel like she’s trying to make a point by bringing it up now, but my mind is too far gone in the topic to even try and focus on it. I can feel my cheeks heating up from not revealing my gaming ritual for when Alexis is at work. All of those days where I barricaded myself in the living room with a mountain of snacks; that’s a sight I hope she never sees.

For some reason, Alexis starts giving me a funny look like she just saw something suspicious, “You alright? You’re looking a bit red in the face.

Oh shit, she caught onto something. I need to change the topic before she pries deeper!

Trying to find a way to escape, I scope out the car as fast as I can to try and distract Alexis. That’s when it hits me: there’s always one guaranteed way to make sure Alexis is distracted no matter what’s going on. I glance at her for a moment then bring my eyes down to her chest. Turns out I didn’t button up her shirt all the way, letting the top of her boobs be visible in her dark blue bra.

With nothing to lose, I dive my hand straight in between her boobs and frantically feel around for one of her nipples, “Let me cop a feel!”

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