Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Daily Routine Delivery

“I moved the couches and stuff towards the wall, I moved my game systems onto the coffee table which I moved to the kitchen. What the hell am I missing?”

I start running off a list of different cleaning supplies I have in the closet for various purposes, thinking one of them would help jog my memory. However, none of them gives me an answer towards what I’m missing. If I let it take over my train of thought for too long I’ll quickly forget what I’m suppose to be doing now, and I can’t let that happen.

With that small gap in my memory left empty for now, I shrug and pick up the bucket, bringing it to one side of the living room. With the space perfectly clear, I empty out the bucket, letting it wash over the entire floor and let it reach perfect stillness, the quiet moment before the storm. The bubbly suds gently glide across the top but they’ll soon be popping like bubble wrap when I start. I make sure that the bristles are tight enough around my feet before I begin.

Empty mind, calm breathing, and my path in front of me, I leap onto the still suds and begin my soapy dance, my bristle skates taking me from one end of the living room to the other. My apron does its own dance as a light breeze flows and circles around with my movements, making it look like I have a ghost as a partner. The suds part and wave out beneath my feet in its own routines. The bristles act like violin bows against the maple colored imitation wood flooring, exfoliating it of any dirt that rests in the tiny cracks. Throw in a few ballet moves I saw after watching T.V long enough and everything is moving like a one-woman performance.

After a few minutes of water skating around, I could feel my lungs begging me to stop. In one final move, I leap into the air and jump across the room, perfectly landing with one foot raised and the other straight as a poll, “Damnit, that got me tired out. Now, let’s see how I did.”

To be honest, I don’t know what I was expecting to see. The floors are near spotless every day from me cleaning so much. The only thing I really notice is the floor’s shiny as hell, almost like it was freshly waxed down. I mean, there’s a small black spot from some loose dirt I managed to get up, but aside from that it’s nothing spectacular. The only thing that was worth this whole cleaning was giving myself some time to practice my water skating in private. If Alexis ever caught me doing this stuff again, I’d just die from embarrassment…

Just thinking about me makes me embarrassed. My heart starts pounding and my entire body heats up, “I swear, if she walks through that door right now and catches me it’s over. My skills are no where near good enough to have her watch me doing it one day!”

As soon as I mention the possibility of Alexis seeing me like this, the front door bell rings and throws me into a state of panic. My heart beat almost causes it to jump out of my chest and I freeze up. I swear, if that’s her, I’m gonna die.

I frantically untie my bristle skates and toss them in the bucket, running across the drying living room floor, “J-Just a second! I’ll be right there!” I overestimated how dry the floor was and end up sliding up to the door barefoot on one foot. Thankfully I managed to catch myself before I crashed into the wall, “I think my footwork just leveled up a bit. I didn’t fall this time.”

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