Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Daily Routine Delivery

Deep breaths to regain my composure, neatly fixing my pajamas and running my fingers through my hair to even everything out, I open the door to greet whoever is standing at the door. When I realize it’s somebody besides Alexis, all worry just exits my body and a wave of soothing relief rushes over me. It’s just one of those international delivery guys with the red and yellow uniforms. This guy in particular has on a matching yellow cap with the company logo on top and a gray ponytail popping out from the back. He has a large hand truck with at least a few dozen boxes on it, all of them of varying sizes and shapes.

“Hi,” I greet him. “How can I help you?”

He gives me a bright smile and says, “Afternoon. Is this the…” Confused, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small device, probably a scanner he uses. He looks at it and continues, “Is this the Knight Residence?”

“Yes. She isn’t in right now, but I can sign for packages if you’re delivering.”

“Actually, the package is for a ‘Megumi Fujioka.”

For me? What’s a package doing for me? Did I order something and I forgot about it?

I’m always on top of when I have something shipped here. I memorize the tracking number, the country of origin, and even the deliver window date. But having a package arrive for me that I don’t remember is always surprising. Hesitant, I look at the boxes next to him and try to piece everything together, “I’m Megumi. Something was shipped here?”

The man gives a slight nod and presses a few buttons on his device before handing it over to me, “Please sign above the solid line, please.”

While I’m preoccupied with signing, he grabs a small box that was on top of the pile and gives it to me in exchange for my signature. He takes one more glance at his device then gives me another smile, “Have a good day.”

I don’t even look at him when I reply; my curiosity is too far gone into looking at this rectangular box in my hands, “You too.”

Back into the house, I kick the door closed with my feet and start flipping the box around. When I get to the back, I notice the label with the house address, followed by a smaller address in the top right corner. When I start reading it off, the way it was organized instantly strikes me as something familiar, “Oh wait, this is a Japanese address. Wait, what did mom and dad send me?”

It’s not often that my parent send me things from home. Plus they usually give me a heads up, whether it’s through a phone call or they send me an email with the shipping details, if they do send something. I just shrug it off and mark it down that they probably forgot. I bring the box next to my ear and shake it, but I don’t hear anything moving around. I even knock on it, but whatever is inside the box is sturdy as hell. I even hurt my knuckle a bit, like I knocked on some metal.

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