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100 Word Story – Backup (Part Two)

All the way from inside of his police car, Thomas was able to see into the first floor of the home; the front door was tossed from its hinges and thrown onto the dying, brown lawn.

He radioed in, “Dispatch, be advised. The home appeared to be broken into. I’m gonna go check it out.”

“We will have backup on standby.”


Stepping out of the car and onto the brick walkway Thomas cautiously approached the house, keeping his hand on his holstered firearm. With his heart rate slowly rising Thomas couldn’t wait to feel the thrill of looming danger.

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100 Word Story – Backup (Part One)

“Unit 11, come in. We have a call over at the Auburn home over on 2334 Maiden Road.”

Thomas picked up the mic on his receiver radio and responded, “Copy that. I’m on my way.”

“Please be advised that the call was from a child. His parents’ location is unknown.”


Putting the mic back, Thomas turns on his sirens and makes a u-turn on the empty highway, speeding down towards his next location. Most of the day was spent driving around town, patrolling for any kind of threat.

This distress call was his only taste of action all day.

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Manga Review – Machimaho: I Messed Up and Made the Wrong Person Into a Magical Girl – Volume Two

Manga Review – Machimaho: I Messed Up and Made the Wrong Person Into a Magical Girl – Volume Two

(If you didn’t read volume one of Machimao: I Messed Up and Made the Wrong Person Into a Magical Girl, it’s highly recommended that you read it. You’re missing out on the beginning of a great series.)

“I’m gonna carve your face in, Tits-for-Brains!”

A perfect line used to sum up how the latest volume of Machimaho begins.

Picking up right after where volume one of Machimaho left off, volume two opens with the continuation of the intense blow-for-blow fight scene that left me on the edge of my seat—and I wasn’t disappointed when I started reading it. On the very first page, Kayo does a spoof of a popular shonen anime/manga series that anybody would recognize.

On its own, Machimaho volume two was very enjoyable to read. The overall plot of the story continues on, giving more detail behind what happens to Kayo and her rival, Nako, when they take on their magical girl forms. Although the manga is primarily an action story, volume two throws in more comedic set-ups and situations that doesn’t deter from what the plot is trying to focus on. One such moment is when Kayo and Nako expend all of their energy fighting one another: they get hungry. Souryu, the creator of Machimaho, took this moment to break the fourth wall in a smooth, yet obvious, way. Regardless if is was a direct reference to another popular manga/anime series, or to the genre overall, it was still a comedic scene that made me laugh. After this moment, that’s when the main focus of volume two comes into play.

Splitting up into two different perspectives, the story starts to focus on Nako, showing what happened at the conclusion of her fight with Kayo. This point of the story begins to give us a small window into her own personal life, allowing us to learn about the way she thinks and her views on having magical girl powers. Just like her delinquent and arrogant rival, Nako has her own floating familiar following her around, however its origin isn’t so clear; this was most likely done as setup for a later plot development, so it’s actually an interesting thing, not a hindrance of understanding the story.

(Source: Seven Seas Entertainment)

As for the second perspective, the story swaps back to Kayo, our main badass magical girl. After being escorted back home by her personal underling, Rei, Kayo wakes up from a dream and finds herself in a bed inside of the main building of her home. Grabbing breakfast on the go and escaping, she heads on back to her room underground, the one shown in volume one. Knocking out a few demons on the way, literally one-punching everything all while having a casual conversation with Myu, Kayo starts to unwind and reflect on everything that has happened. However, as she’s trying to take it easy, her memories from an earlier time becomes her focus.

This is the part of the story where we’re given small snippets into Kayo’s life. Although this portion is only one page in length, it had me wondering what kind of person Kayo’s life had been long before she was turned into a magical girl. The fact that she quickly escaped a house where she had personal maids and butlers catering to her and lived an obvious life a luxury, that’s something most people wouldn’t just run out on. I began to wonder what possibly could have happened that made her want to live in a nearly empty room, and if she had always been the violent powerhouse she’s currently known as. For now that portion of her life is a heavily shrouded mystery, one that I can’t wait to uncover as the series continues.

The story continues on, switching back and forth between Kayo and Nako until they meet up again when another demon appears in the city, this time coming from the result of what happened in volume one. As the fight goes on, we see a side of Nako that I never would have imagined; it even pisses off Kayo to the point that she has to come in and slap the living hell out of her. And I can’t even lie, Kayo’s never end of blatant disrespectful remarks and crude cursing makes me like her even more as a character—I can see her becoming a boss or a gang or illegal organization with the way she acts.. At the conclusion of volume two, we’re treated with a new mystery, one that makes me wonder just how deep this whole magical girl stuff can reach.

At the end of it all, Machimaho volume two lives up to the hype the first volume sets up and continues it, grabbing my attention throughout, all while having me laugh when I needed to. The artwork both during fight scenes and outside of them are consistent, detailed from the clothing, down to Kayo’s veins practically busting out of her face; you can even see the large amount of cracks inside a giant rock Kayo chucks at Nako. Souryu knows how to make great actions scenes and can back that up a great story. I can’t wait to see what kind of demons Kayo will have to take on in volume three!

Want to read it for yourself? Machimaho is currently out in print and digital copies on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major book retailers.

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Dare is a simple game where a person is tasked to do something or else they lose. That task can range from the most basic and simple actions, to complex and dangerous stunts.

Licking a packet of salt, chugging a drink, screaming in pubic, all of these are common, simple tasks that anybody can perform for a dare.

Destruction of property, self mutilation, robbery and battery: things that true daredevils endure.

However, there are some things that even the most insane would consider for a dare.

After all, it’s just a game, right?

Miss Vogue

I’ve always liked being the center of attention. Whenever I walk into a room, I like it when all eyes are on me. Whether it’s because I’m wearing an outstandingly beautiful cocktail dress, arrived with a celebrity, or made a dramatic entrance, having everybody staring brings me joy.

However, nothing is more powerful and grand to me than taking an entire dance floor all to myself.

There could be one hundred people all enjoying themselves, letting themselves get lost in the beat, and they’ll all make way for my own space.

And the brave and the bold would approach me, trying to court me to dance.

I have yet to find one worthy of my time.

Legends of the Dark – Home Improvement (Part Four)

Nothing was sitting right with this, with any of this going on. I already had my suspicions once I heard the tools falling earlier, seeing the water dripping from the piping, and the lack of seeing Darren anywhere in the house. The longer I continued to explore the house, the more I began to believe that something else was happening within these broken walls. 

Besides the attic, the only place left I had to check out was the other side of the basement, the darker, rustic-smelling half behind the brick wall. And the only way to get through was to go into the small hatch and vents inside the walls. What kind of family would need to travel through vents inside their own home? I kept thinking about how the realtor kept out such much information about the house. And I was starting to understand why–this entire house made no sense.

The flashlight on my phone was the only thing leading me through the dust-covered, cobweb-infested vents. I tried my best not to let the dust get into my mouth, but it seemed useless.

All I could think about was what awaited me on the other side of the basement.

There was just one long, silver tunnel that lead up. What kind of purpose could it have served?

Being on this side of the basement feels like an entirely different room. There must have been a good reason behind putting up a brick wall.

Thinking that this would give me the upper-hand in the situation, I decided to call Darren again. If he was nearby, his phone would give away his hiding spot. Again it took a moment for the connection to go through before the ringing started.

This isn’t funny now, answer the fucking phone.”

June Note – 6/30/2019

June Note – 6/30/2019

“And then when my wife came back into the living room, I asked her why her friend was acting like such a hoe whenever they go out. Her friend always has all these guys over, having crazy parties and all that, and then–”

“Jesus fucking Christ, please shut the fuck up!”

Luka’s patience had run its course; her mental strength was completely gone, and she didn’t care about hurting his feelings. Looking at her coworker with an angry look, she told him off. “I’m just trying to enjoy my quiet lunch break, and then you come out of nowhere wanting to start a conversation about some bullshit your wife has to deal with. Can you please, for the love of God, go away and let me sleep?”

Luka’s coworker stated back, his glasses starting to fog up from the humid air in the store. His head titled like a curious puppy, trying to process the assault of words he just endured. After a strange few moments of silence, he finally answered.

“So I told my wife my opinion about the situation.”

An annoyed groan came from Luka as she slammed her head onto the small lunch table.

Why do I work with such idiots…?


Hello all, and hello summer! It’s that time of the year when the bright yellow star in the sky gives up a longer time in the heat and gives us the chance to enjoy nature’s way of helping us cool down. It’s also that time of the year when it’s eight o’clock at night, but it still looks like it’s six. That can be confusing as hell, right?

Anyways, how have y’all been this month? I didn’t even realize that the entire month came to an end already. Then again, I’ve been going through a lot this month, so I guess being busy all the time made me lost track of time. Hell, sometimes I thought I was a day ahead, thinking it was Tuesday when it was actually Monday. True story.

There’s not much to talk about in this Monthly Note in regards to the website, so this note will be rather short. Stated last month, I began working on updating the website with a new format for posts and an overall new website look. I may even update my logo a bit. I’m still working on that, as I have picked out a few different format options I like. I’m just fine-tuning everything first before it goes live, so bear with me just a bit longer. When it’s up, I’ll create a post.

Normally this is the part of the post where I talk about the website and story work, the longest part of the post. For this month, my life is actually taking the spot light.

Some of you may have read on here or saw some of my Tweets about this, but recently I got accepted into a summer writing internship. I’m so excited for it! This is my first actual job/work related to writing. Although it’s only lasting two months, I’ll be creating articles and content for an upcoming event later this year. It’ll involve me having to interview people—and you guys know I’m not very outward and social—but I will try my best regardless. On top of this, I’ll still be working full-time at my normal day job, so my days will be rather full. But don’t worry, I’ll still keep writing and posting on here. I’ll just have to schedule things a bit earlier than normal, so I want to apologize if things post at weird times or if something gets posted twice.

I’ll also be working on giving more variety on a weekly basis. I also have a special idea that involves your input, but I’m working out the kinks of it. You’ll be in the loop soon!

Sorry if this note seems to be all over the place. Just wanted to keep you guys updated on everything. And as always, if you have questions, feel free to email me or shoot me a tweet!

Love y’all!

100 Word Story – At the Bottom (Finale)

Rosanne’s eyes didn’t open again and her breathing grew heavier and slower. Her body barely moved, the cold chills from before were replaced with no sensations, completely devoid of feeling. Whenever she tried to talk, all that would come out was a winded groan.

With her hearing slowly fading away, the last sounds Rosanne would hear came from the two voices at the top of the well.

“Make sure this image is burned into your memory,” a mature woman scowled. “Let your eldest sister be a reminder of what happens if you disobey mother.”

A younger voice answered, “Yes, Mother…”

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100 Word Story – At the Bottom (Part Four)

Sister… are you still down there?”

A faint voice called out from the top of the well. Sitting down with her back on the wall Rosanne’s eyes flickered open, struggling to look up at the shadowy figure. The sky had lost its bright colors, now turning into a dark canvas of the night. The gentle glow from the moon outlined the figure, but couldn’t define any major details.

The only thing Rosanne knew was the young, girl voice the shadow had.

“Lilian… go get help.”

The young voice hesitated before replying, “I can’t. Mama wants you to stay in there.”

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100 Word Story – At the Bottom (Part Three)

My eye lids are just so heavy… A small nap couldn’t hurt, right?

Barely able to stand up, Rosanne let her body rest against the wall, just to have a moment of rest. Her entire body was pressed along the wall, the rugged bricks preventing her from sliding down. Drowsy, she subconsciously took a step, making her lose her footing in the water.

With her knee grinding against the wall to stop her from falling, the sudden surge of pain sent a shock through her body, forcing her to wake up.

Rosanne yelled out, grabbing her knee, “Goddamn, why me?!”

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100 Word Story – At the Bottom (Part Two)

Rosanne lied down on the hard, wet bottom of the well. Arms and legs stretched out and floating on top of the water, all she did was let her eyes gaze upward towards the cloudless blue sky. Water filled her ears, muffling the lively chirps of the sparrows that flew by.

What did I do to deserve this, she questioned to herself. Various answers came to mind, all nothing but trivial issues and minor circumstances.

Perhaps it was because I forgot to collect last week’s rations on time for Mother?

Regardless of the reason, all she could to was wait.

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100 Word Story – At the Bottom (Part One)

“Somebody, please help!”

Rosanne cried as she looked up at the opening of the well, anxiously awaiting to see somebody peek over the edge. She picked up the broken wooden bucket and slammed it against the brick lining of the well, hoping the echos would reach up to the surface. She kept at it until she winded herself out and her arms ached.

She lowered her arms and head, assuming the worst of the scenario. The dark, cold, wet bottom of the well shivered her body. Her body grew tired with every passing moment.

“Somebody, anybody, please! I need help!”

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