Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Sweet Dentistry

The small pink alarm clock on the bedside table begins ringing, playing a light jingle in the room. Buried underneath the bright pink blanket, the girl reaches out and tries to feel around for the alarm clock.

Mmmmm… What time is it?”

Hibari, it’s morning. It’s time to wake up.”

Letting out a drowsy groan, the girl in the bed slowly removes the blanket off of her head and is hit with the morning sun shining into her room, forcing her to keep her eyes closed. Her short, pink hair is tossed from her pillows. Blocking the light of the sun with her hand, she shades her eyes to try and look around the room. Half asleep, first-year Hanzō National Academy student, Hibari rubs her eyes; she can hazily see the person at her bed, but already can tell who is it from their voice.

White hair neatly pulled into a pair of large side pigtails with lengthy swept bangs in the front and signature eye patch over her right eye, fellow first-year Hanzō student, Yagyū stands at the foot of Hibari’s bed; she’s wearing the school uniform, a simple, white button up shirt with dark blue edges and tie with a matching skirt and school shoes. Yagyū leans over and light taps Hibari on her leg.

Come on, Hibari. You need to get ready for breakfast.”

Rubbing her eyes again and yawning, Hibari sits up and pushes her blanket to the side.

Morning, Yagyū-chan. What are we eating today?”

Hibari scoots out of her bed and walks over to her closet, beginning to change out of her pink pajama outfit and into her school uniform as they’re talking.

Ikagura wanted to try something… new, but we convinced her to keep it simple. It’s just pancakes for today.”

Do we have any syrup left?”

There’s enough for all of us. Plus some for you to drench your stack in.”

Hibari lets out a little giggle. As she’s changing, Yagyū takes small glances at Hibari, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, but it’s not working going so well; she’s stuck in a daze with her face flushed red and a small trickle of blood dripping out of her nose.

Fully clothed and awake, Hibari turns around to face Yagyū.

Hey, Yagyū-chan? Are you okay?”

Yagyū quickly shakes her head and snaps out of it, “Yeah, I’m fine!”

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