Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Sweet Dentistry

Hello, Yagyū. What brings you here?”

Hello, Yozakura. Hibari had an incident this morning, so we’re making sure her teeth are okay.”

Did something bad happen?”

She cracked her tooth when biting into her food.”

Yozakura chuckles and shakes her head. Yagyū looks at Yozakura in confusion.

What’s so funny?”

Hearing that just brought back some memories of taking my siblings to the dentist. Some for simple reasons, like routine dental check ups, and then for incidents like getting hit by a ball. Our dentist probably knew all of our names by heart.”

Yozakura leans forward and looks at Minori as she has a small temper tantrum on her own; Yozakura starts smiling.

No matter how much they may fuss or fight, it was always for their health.”

I can relate to that. I remember taking my younger sister a few times for her check ups. She would be so terrified when she heard the sound of a drill when waiting for her appointment. She would beg me to take her home.”

Yagyū and Yozakura share a small laugh. They continue their conversation about family memories, Minori giving small glances at them every now and then. A few minutes later, the door to the dentist’s room opens and Hibari slowly walks out, her cheeks lightly puffed up from medical gauze.

Yagyū-chan, I’m finished.”

Yagyū gets up from her seat and looks at Hibari’s face.

Are your teeth fine, Hibari?”

Yes. The dentist cleaned out the crack just to make sure nothing got inside and put a filling over it. I just can’t eat for a little while so the filling can get hard. She said I should avoid hard foods for the day.”

Yagyū smiles a Hibari.

It wasn’t so bad now, wasn’t it?”

Embarrassed, Hibari blushes and scratches her head, chucking a bit.

Come on, let’s head home.”

Yagyū and Hibari exchange quick farewells before parting ways.

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