Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Sweet Dentistry

If you want, you can play some with me. I have a few I need help with finishing up.”

Yagyū’s face quickly becomes red.

Just you and me? Together?”

Hibari gives a nod with a smile after it.

I’d like that, Hibari.”

Okay! Let’s finish eating and we’ll get right to it!”

Quickly going through her stack of pancakes, Hibari picks up the pace and starts eating a bit faster.

H-Hibari, slow down! You might end up making yourself choke.”

I’ll be fine, Yagyū-chan.”

Hibari sticks her fork in a big stack that was left on her plate. As she takes a bite, she bites down too hard on the fork; a loud cracking sound can be heard. Hibari instantly stops moving, with the fork stuck in her mouth and her eyes wide, realizing what happened. Everybody stops what they’re doing and all focus on Hibari. Asuka is the first one to break the silence.

Are you okay, Hibari-chan?”

Katsuragi crosses her arms and snorts.

I knew there was something wrong with these pancakes. They were too good!”

Jumping on the defensive, Ikaruga glares at Katsuragi.

I followed the instructions on the pancake mix exactly! I didn’t even add anything outside of the ingredients list like I normally do!”

Worried, Yagyū puts her hand on Hibari’s shoulder and gently nudges her.

What’s wrong, Hibari?”

Hibari looks at Yagyū for a moment, trying to speak, but her mouth is full, making her words come out mumbled. She finishes her food first, then uses her tongue to feel around the inside of her mouth; she spits out a small white piece of something onto her plate. Everybody leans over from their seat to take a look.

Weird, I don’t remember putting anything solid inside the batter.”

It looks like it broke from something else.”

Hibari spits out another piece onto the plate. Yagyū looks at them for a moment, then her eyes widen when she figures out what happened.

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