Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Sweet Dentistry

Later that day, Yagyū and Hibari finished their quick day out by spending most of the day inside Hibari’s room playing various video games. They stopped at the convenience store to grab a few snacks; Hibari is eating a piece of candy, making sure it doesn’t go over the cracked tooth. Yagyū has a small bag of dried cuttlefish in front of her as she’s taking her turn on a game.

Yagyū-chan, make sure to jump at the next part. The boss is coming up soon.”

Okay. I still have that magical staff, right? Can I use that?”

No. Save it for the next one. It only has one use before a long recharge.”

Yagyū nods and keeps playing. She goes through a large wave of enemies, defeating the stage boss before handing the controller over to Hibari.

Your turn.”

Hibari puts her candy down and focuses on the game in front of her. Yagyū takes a few pieces of cuttlefish out of her bag and starts snacking on them. After a few pieces, she bites down on an extra thick piece, hearing a small crunch sound in her mouth; she stops moving and blinks, trying to figure out what happened. She takes the cuttlefish piece out of her mouth and sees a piece of tooth on it.

You’ve got to be kidding me…

Hibari… I need to stop playing for a little bit.”

Why? Are you okay?”

I need to schedule an appointment tomorrow…”

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