Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Sweet Dentistry

Head tilt, Hibari stands in front of Yagyū. Their eyes meet for a second and more blood trickles out of Yagyū.

Geez, I can see my reflection in her eyes… If I stay like this any longer, my nose is gonna spring a leak.

Being decisive, Yagyū quickly turns around and speed walks out of the room, covering her nose so she doesn’t stain the floor any more.

Yagyū! Wait for me!”

Just a few minutes, and a bunch of napkins later, everybody has gathered inside the Ninja Room. Sitting at the small table in the middle of the room with Yagyū and Hibari are third-year students Katsuragi and Ikaruga and second-year student Asuka, each of them wearing the school uniform in their own fashion. Everybody has a small stack of warm and fluffy freshly made pancakes, putting on whatever extra toppings they want as they’re eating.

Mouth full and cheeks puffed, Katsuragi completely devours her food, quickly going through her stack, “These are amazing! They just melt in your mouth!”

Asuka is calmly eating her stack, but still has a surprised look on her face, “I don’t even need a knife to cut through these. And they puff right back up if you push them down with a fork!”

Hibari poured a large amount of syrup on top of hers, making it look like a waterfall of sweetness traveling down the sides, “They even suck up the syrup before it reaches the plate!”

With her knife skills on display, Yagyū cuts each piece into a little shape of a squid before taking a bite, “These are really good, even if it doesn’t have squid in it.”

Basking in the waves of compliments, Ikaruga has a small smile on her face and her cheeks are blushing lightly, “Well, I was a bit surprised that you guys wanted something so simple, but I’m glad you all enjoy it so much. Perhaps I should experiment a bit with more breakfast items…”

In unison, all of the girls except Ikaruga let out a plea, “Please, no!”

O-Okay, I won’t. I’ll keep it simple with breakfast.”

With everybody enjoying their food and not worried about having a mysterious breakfast, they all begin talking about what they’re doing on their day off. Some options were to go walk around the town to go sightseeing, some were to just stay in and lounge around, and one idea was to train and hone their fighting skills. As the conversations were underway, Yagyū breaks away and turns to look at Hibari.

What were you going to do today, Hibari?”

I was probably just going to stay home and finish a video game or two. I haven’t really had the time to play with all of the training we had.”

Yagyū gives Hibari a smile.

It’s nice to do hobbies every now and then.”

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