Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Sweet Dentistry

Hibari chipped her tooth! Hibari, open your mouth so I can take a look.”

Putting both of her hands over her mouth, Hibari quickly shakes her head, making is clear that nobody is going to be able to see inside. Yagyū takes a long, hard look at Hibari before letting out a sigh. She then crosses her arms.

If you chipped your tooth, it could mean something worse. You’re always eating sweets and that could have wore out your teeth in some spots.”

Hibari puffs her cheeks and pouts at Yagyū. Asuka moves closer to Yagyū.

We have to take Hibari-chan to the dentist to make sure her teeth are okay.”

I know. I’ll take her. I don’t want you guys to cancel any plans you made today.”

Are you sure?”

Yes. It’s not that far from here, so we shouldn’t be too long anyways. It’s still a bit early, so we might be the first people there.”

Asuka nods her head. Yagyū brings her attention back to Hibari; Hibari still has her hands over her mouth and her face is scrunched after hearing about the dentist.

Roughly an hour later, Yagyū and Hibari has left the school and made their way to the local dentist’s office. The waiting room walls are painted a crisp white, almost matching the white of Yagyū’s hair. The receptionist’s desk is along one wall of the office, with the seats for the waiting patients directly across. In the middle of the room is a small table with assorted magazines and daily newspapers. Aside from the female receptionist at the desk, Yagyū and Hibari are the only two people there, sitting next to each other, both doing their own thing.

Casually flipping through a sea life magazine, Yagyū looks up at Hibari, who’s sitting back in her seat swinging her legs.

How are you feeling, Hibari?”

Hibari covers her mouth before speaking, so Yagyū can’t see her chipped teeth.

Nervous. What if the dentists says I have a cavity? I take care of my teeth!”

Stop covering so I can see how bad it is. I promise I won’t laugh.”

Hibari thinks for a moment before putting her hands down and opening her mouth just a bit; two of her back teeth have chipped around the edges, leaving a small crack in one of them.

It doesn’t look too bad. You probably just bit down too hard when you were eating.”

Waaahh, I don’t want to lose my teeth!”

You’re not going to lose your teeth. I’m sure it will be an easy fix and we’ll be right on our way out.”

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