Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Sweet Dentistry

Yagyū slightly looks away and blushes a bit before continuing.

Besides, I really want to play games with you.”

Shortly after, the door to the dentist’s room opens and a woman dressed in a white coat and a medical mask walks out.”

Miss Hibari, I’m ready for you.”

Hibari looks at Yagyū with a teary-eyed look.

I don’t wanna do this, Yagyū-chan!”

Yagyū gives a small smile and pats Hibari lightly on her head to try and comfort her.

You’ll be fine, Hibari. I’ll be right here when you’re finished.”

Hibari takes a deep breath before getting up from her seat and walking into the dentist’s room. The dentist walks in behind her and closes the door.

With no way of being able to look inside to watch what happens, Yagyū goes back to her magazine. Minute after minute passes, everything stays quiet except for the sound of turning pages and the receptionist typing at the desk. Finishing the magazine, Yagyū puts it back down on the table and leans back in her seat, letting out a small sigh.

I know is just started, but it feels like it’s been forever.”

But I don’t wanna get my teeth checked! I was here last year!”

Caught off guard by the sudden outburst, Yagyū looks towards the front door of the office, seeing two faces she recognizes. Both of them have on the uniform of a rival school; a thick dark gray jacket and skirt with a white and blue sailor style collar on top of a simple white button up shirt. One of the girls who walked in as a small bowl cut with bangs and a flower in her hair, while the other has light brown hair with hair traveling down the side of her face and two long pigtails. Gessen Girls’ Academy students, second-year Yozakura and first-year Minori walked into the dentist’s office.

Pouting her face and arms crossed, Minori reluctantly walks into the office, while Yozakura walks up to the receptionist to check in for their appointment.

Minori, come sign in to show you’re here.”

I don’t wanna! My teeth are fine and I don’t need to get them checked!”

You need to get it done every year to keep them in good condition. Just come here and sign in. There’s only one person in front of us, so we won’t be here long.”

Minori gives Yozakura a glare before walking over to the desk and signing her name in. They turn around to take a seat and notice Yagyū sitting there. Trying to use a guilt trick, Minori sits at the furthest seat away from them, keeping her arms folded. Yozakura sits next to Yagyū.

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