Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Shop and Dash

Another day of hard work around the house done, another day of me getting my hair stroked by Alexis. Most people feel like they deserve some kind of compensation for a long day of work, mostly some kind of money or payment. For me, all I need is the loving compliments and long fingers of my lover as a reward for keeping our love nest clean. After having everything neat and tidy nothing beats ending a day than having dinner with your loved one. Romantic music and ambiance to set the mood is sure to lead to fireworks in the bedroom afterwards.

“Can we order takeout tonight? I don’t feel like cooking.”

“You’re just feeling lazy tonight, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, little bit. That, and I’m feeling a bit sore from cleaning the house today.”

I roll onto my stomach and bury my face into Alexis’s lap, her thick thighs acting like perfectly fluffed pillows for my tired head. Just to make sure they’re to my liking, I squeeze them just a bit, her soft, bare skin brushing across my cheek. The smooth, hairless legs tempt me with their touch, making me lose control of my hands and eventually made my hands glide all over her.

I put my chin on her thigh and look up at her as far as I could, giving a sly grin, “You shaved last night, didn’t you?”

Alexis looks down at me and raises her eyebrow, still playing with my head, “And so what if I did?”

“Are your legs the only thing that you shaved? Huh, huh? You expecting something to happen later this week, maybe tonight?”

In one split second, Alexis manages to wrap a small chunk of my hair around her finger and gently tugs on it, “Shut up. Just because I felt like shaving, that doesn’t mean I’m expecting something to happen. Besides, whether I shave or not doesn’t stop you from messing with me in bed.”

I really mess with Alexis too much if she remembers all of this. Wow, it really makes me wonder just how much of a pervert I really am. Maybe I should take it down a bit and relax. Of course, me contemplating my dirty ways only last about a second when I notice Alexis’s nipples poking out behind her tank top.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself. I was born to be a pervert. It’s in my blood!

Slow like a snake hidden in the jungle, my hand creeps up Alexis’s tank top to try and cop a feel but it casually gets swat away, “Aw, come on! Just one!”


“Just a finger. Please!”


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