Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Shop and Dash

I leave the kitchen and climb back over the couch to lay down, my head landing perfectly back into Alexis’s lap, “Even if you did have a belly, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of you.” I roll my head over and lift up her tank top just a bit so that I could poke at her navel; a bit more pink than the rest of her body, almost like it’s able to blush like her cheeks, “Your navel looks like it has a piece of strawberry stuck inside.”

“That’s a descriptive way of saying ‘I’m hungry.’”

“Just a bit. Since we’re on the topic of food, what do you want me to pick up from the store tomorrow?”

“You’re going tomorrow? Why don’t you want to wait until the weekend? We can use the car to load up a lot more things. Besides, it’s like a twenty minute walk from here.”

“I just want to pick up a few things, nothing too heavy. And besides, I’m not going to have anything to do so I don’t mind going. Can you drop me off on the way when you’re heading to work?”

With a little shrug and looking down at me, Alexis answers, “Sure.”

* * * * *

“Eggs, eggs, eggs… Did I write bread and milk on the list, too?”

I stop for a moment to look down at the small notepad I tossed into the small child’s seat on the shopping cart. If Alexis was next to me right now, she’d be struggling so hard to try and figure out what the hell the notepad says; the entire page is mixed with various little doodles I did while I was writing down everything missing from the fridge. And on top of that, I have certain items circled to help remind me about what I should get today, while I can leave the other stuff for next time.

Overall, today’s shopping adventure should last no more than about ten minutes, fifteen tops. I just want to grab what I need, walk back home, and get back into bed until it’s time for me to start cooking all of this stuff.

Even though I’ve been coming to this place for a good two years, I still have to look up at the signs to figure out which aisle has the stuff I need, “ベーコン、パン、卵は… 朝ご飯売場にある。(Bacon, bread, and eggs are in the breakfast department.)

The entire supermarket is vacant except for the people at the checkout counters, a few stock employees, and myself. There’s probably some other people doing morning shopping but I surely haven’t seen them yet. Everything’s so quiet aside from the corny, generic music the market has playing over the loud speaker. Aside from that, the only things I hear are my sneakers walking across the tile flooring and the wheels on my cart squeaking just a bit from wear and tear. It’s almost a bit unsettling how quiet it is.

Nonetheless, it can’t stop me from finishing up this shopping experience. I just need to get what I came here for and get out. I follow the signs above listing the different isles and make my way towards the first few things on the list. I grab a large pack of bacon and two loafs of bread and toss them in the cart, but I can’t find the eggs anywhere. Along the shelves in the refrigerator, where they keep the milk, cheeses, and other junk, there’s a large open spot where it looks like something should be.

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