Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Shop and Dash

“I-It’s you! You’re that Asian girl from last time!” he stutters. He squints at me like he just noticed something different, “Why are you in your pjs? You doing laundry or somethin’?”

“Does it matter what I’m wearing if I’m here to buy food? Besides, there’s barely anybody here so early on a workday, so nobody would even notice.” Strangely enough, when he asked if I was doing laundry, that reminded me that I actually need to do laundry before I run out of clean panties. Shaking off his questions, I put my hand on my hip and ask again, “Can I get some eggs so I can finish my shopping? I have things I need to do today.”

He keeps squinting for another moment before he puts on this weird smirk and unloads the box with the egg cartons. He pulls out a box cutter and proceeds to carefully open it without breaking anything, “So, what’re you here to get? Need help finding anything?”


“What kind of stuff? I could show you where everything is if you tell me what you need.”


“Aww, come on, don’t be like that.”

Goddamn it, he’s so annoying. “I just want my eggs.”

With the final cut, the top of then box lifts up a bit from being held down by the strong tape. Taking the opportunity, I reach into the box and pull out a carton without making eye-contact with the annoying brat. Carefully arranging everything in my cart, I quickly push my cart down the aisle and turn the corner to escape, letting out a small sigh of relief when I make some distance.

Even more anxious to end this shopping adventure, I reach into the top of my pajama top, pull out the pen from between my boobs I left for safe keeping, and cross off the next item on my shopping list notepad. As I’m looking at it I realize that there’s still a handful of things I haven’t picked up yet. At the very bottom of the list there’s one thing that both circled and underlined.

アレクシスのビールが。くそ!” (Alexis’s beer. Fuck!)

I was so focused on trying to get the eggs that I completely forgot to get the beer Alexis wanted. I look inside my cart and see only the first three things I managed to get, which will probably be the only things I get besides the beer. Plus, if I manage to have a nice, cold six-pack waiting for her when she gets off from work, she might give me a reward for it. I can already feel her hands playing with my hair while my head rests on her thick thighs!

Invigorated by the power of head pats, I look up at the aisle signs to see which way I should head to go pick up the beer. Surprisingly, I landed in the snack aisle when I originally left the annoying stock kid, so I start randomly grabbing treats off of the shelves so I can snack on something later. When I turn the corner to go into the next aisle, I put on the break and stop, making my cart jerk a bit harshly. Thankfully, the eggs didn’t crack.

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