Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Shop and Dash

Alexis tries to play it cool and act like nothing happened, but her personality wouldn’t let that happen. She crosses her arms, her cheeks flush red like a tomato, and breaks eye contact with me, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Speaking of soda, how many things did you get from the market? I didn’t really look into the fridge to see what was added and what we still needed.”

What did I get? I barely got anything because of that brat! He thinks he’s able to just hit on anybody and they’ll suddenly want to be swept off their feet by him. We really need to find a new supermarket.

Trying to keep my subtle rage under control, I let out a small sigh and shrug, “Didn’t get much. They were stocking the store this morning, so there were some shelves empty. I got just the things we use a lot first and decided to leave the rest for the weekend.”

“That makes sense. You had to walk back to the house from there, so it would have been more trouble having too many bags to carry. Wasn’t too long, right?”

“Nope. Got home in like twenty minutes like you said.” The longer I’m looking up at Alexis, the more I have the urge to just pounce on her. Without warning, I reach up and wrap my arms around her neck, pull myself up, and plant my lips right on top of her as if I’m trying to suck the breath out of her.

Even though she plays along and falls into the kiss like I did, Alexis eventually breaks off and looks at me with a confused look, “You okay? That was a bit more intense than usual.”

“Y-Yeah. What? Is it a bad thing that I just suddenly want to make out?”

Alexis looks at me with squinted eyes like the way a detective investigates a crime scene. The longer she looks that me, for some reason I begin to feel nervous. Nothing bad happened today, but I can’t help feeling like this. I should try and come up with something to confuse her!

I blurt out the first thing that comes to mind, “I’m horny, let’s do something tonight!” To be honest, that’s not too much of a lie.

“I knew you had ulterior motives,” Alexis answer. She runs her hand across the back of her neck and takes a moment to think before she continues, “It has been a few days now that I think about it. Head upstairs, I’ll be there in a second.”

Huh… That actually worked. Not only have I distracted Alexis, I’m getting laid tonight, too! I should be a national negotiator.

We haven’t even done anything yet and I can already feel my body heating up from anticipation. With one little kiss on her cheek, I sit up from Alexis’s lap and tell her okay before making my way to the stairs. The only thing on my mind is how I’m going to make myself look sexy before she walks into the bedroom. As I’m making my way up the creaky stairs, I can hear the fridge door swinging open; and that’s when everything suddenly comes back to me.

Holy shit! I didn’t get the beer! I’m not going to get head pats anymore!

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