Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Shop and Dash

“… I’m gonna get you when you take a shower.”

Alexis shoots her gaze down at me and gives me an aggravated stare, “Do that and I’ll delete your save files on your dungeon crawler game.”

She wouldn’t… She knows I’ve clocked a good hundred hours and conquered countless floors of completed dungeons and caves. I’ve died what seems like an infinite amount of times, defeated mountains worth of enemies, and practically drowned in loot and rewards. My character is perfected and pretty much invincible when I’m targeted for a PvP match online. To see all of my hard work deleted with the press of a button would be… horrific.

Having to do a defeated retreat, my crawling hands slowly climb back down from Alexis’s boobs, through her cavernous thighs, and rest on the couch, each finger tapping with bottled up perverted rage. I let out a sigh and stretch out across the couch and bury my face back in Alexis’s lap, “Fine, you win. I hate when you threaten my game data like that, it’s so cruel. I’d go into a depression if I had to restart all of that data!”

“But don’t the games usually make you replay the game from the beginning anyways?”

“Not all of them. For example, in ‘Dragon’s Dagger’ the character you make for first time becomes the new boss for the second play-through, but if you decide to break the cycle, your character can travel back in time to a previous save point and replay the event to see what would happen if you did things differently. It’s really time consuming, but it’s great for farming resources for the next play-through.”

As I’m going through the extensive list of video games I’ve played in my life and explaining how they work, I could feel a monstrous growl rising in my stomach as if something’s about to burst out. The feeling lingers for a bit, giving off a smaller rumble before finally stopping. Already knowing that sign, I push myself up off of Alexis and look towards the kitchen, focusing on the fridge, “I need something to snack on.”

“Grab me a beer since you’re going to the kitchen?” Alexis asks with a yawn.

I hop over the back of the couch and take a quick stroll to the fridge, “I think you drank the last one yesterday,” I reply. Now that I think about it, we do need a few things from the supermarket for dinner the next few days before we do our larger shopping trip on the weekend. When I open the fridge door, I couch down so I can get a better look at everything inside. A few drinks scattered across the top with an assortment of meats, cheeses, and other things filling up the middle and bottom shelves. And the little shelves inside the door just have different condiments and toppings, none of them good enough for a snack.

Huh, it’s not looking too bad in here. I should still start writing a list of things we need though so I don’t forget.

Before I step back, I open the bottom compartments to see if there’s anything worth snacking on, but all I find are just veggies and an empty beer six-pack case. I take the case out and stand back up, closing the fridge for the night, “We’re outta snacks and booze. Looks like we’re both suffering right now.”

Alexis waves her hand and lays her head back on the couch, “It’s fine. I could skip a night. Don’t want to get a beer belly.”

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