Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Shop and Dash

I don’t know why I didn’t notice it from the first time… I really don’t want to head back over there.

My heart fills with dread and sinks into the pit of my souls. I can feel the soft touch of Alexis’s hands being lifted from my resting head. I let out the biggest groan and glare straight ahead. It turns out the aisle the beer is located in is at the end of the breakfast aisle, which makes no sense but that’s not the point. That damn teenager is still in the aisle, stocking the entire aisle, every shelf, every display, every case stack.

If I glare any longer at the back of the guy’s head, I’m sure I’ll have a stream of heat laser beams shooting out and pierce through his skull. Coincidentally, he ends up scratching the back of his head like I managed to at least ignite his hair.

In light of my new predicament, I need to decide if going for the beer is worth the chance of having to deal with another one-sided conversation with him. It’s not even a conversation, more like somebody talking to a brick wall with facial expressions.

“But I don’t wanna hear him, again… どうしよかな…” (What should I do…?)

* * * * *

I need to accept my death. My fate was written ever since my birth, there’s no escaping it. Come take me and my soul!

I don’t try to fight off the approaching feeling that rises up from the bottom of my gust, bubbling and traveling straight up to my throat. I take a deep breath to relax, close my eye, and let out an uncontrollable roar that could shake the planet.

“Sam, that’s gross.”

“Sorry. That burp was stuck for the longest. You know I get like that when I chug down soda.”

“Well, stop guzzling so much soda during the day. You downed like four cans after you finished cooking.”

“No way! That’s my gamer fuel. Well, that and seaweed crisps.”

Funny enough, there’s still an unopened pack I forgot next to my game system and an extra can of blue raspberry soda on the coffee table. I can’t help but keep my eyes on it, already planning my next gaming achievement I should tackle in my head. I haven’t slayed demons and yokai in a while, so I should hop back into that game my parents sent me.

As I’m focusing on strategic armor sets for various situations, I hear Alexis let out a string of burps of her own. My head using her lap as a pillow, I slowly sit up and give her a big, smug smile, “What was that about me burping because of soda? I bet you were having your own soda drinking spree while you were at work, weren’t you?”

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