Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – A Pervert at Work, A Pervert at Home

“Okay, now click on ‘Total Payments’ and see if he owes any payments from previous months. However if he’s only been paying the required minimum, then we need to call him and send a letter in the mail informing him about the total past due amount.”

I lean over Heather’s shoulder and point out a few different icons on her monitor. She slowly clicks on them and whispers the procedure under her breath to help her remember. Right before she clicks on the last button her fingers hover over the computer mouse, abruptly coming to a stop.

“What’s wrong? You’ve done everything right.”

“O-Oh. Sorry. I guess I’m still trying to get the hang of this.” She puts on an embarrassed smile when she looks up at me, “I kinda have this thing where I’m afraid to make a mistake when somebody’s watching me. A little like being unable to perform under pressure.”

I guess I didn’t realize that I might have been making her nervous by being around her. She’s always asking me over to help her and make sure she’s filled in areas correctly. To be honest, I don’t really mind helping her a lot. Besides, helping her makes me forget that I have my own pile of work to finish for a little while.

“You’re doing just fine, Heather,” I say as I reassure her with a nice pat on the back. It’s never easy being given a new responsibility. But it sure does help build confidence when somebody confirms your doing a good job. At least, in my opinion.

I could see the newly found confident mood in Heather’s eyes. She focuses on her work again and starts typing away.

“Dawww, look at our Alexis acting like a supportive boss. I bet she’ll give you a raise if you meet her in the supply closet for a ‘special assignment.’”

“Shut up, Eliza.” I look back and see Eliza, her tanned-skin devilish grin aiming at me. I can’t remember a day where she didn’t greet me like this.

She knocks on the wall of the cubicle as if she’s trying not to intrude or interrupt, “Did either of you two happen to stumble upon a loose document laying around the office with the name ‘Daniel Davidson?’”

Heather gives a small shrug while I shake my head, “He somebody of importance?”

“No, not really. Just a resident who had a request for an extension on his overdue payment. It had a note on it reminding me to do something. Bloody forgot where I put the damn thing.”

“What kind of note did you write on it?”

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