Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – A Pervert at Work, A Pervert at Home

“Some shite doodle I did when I was on the phone with him. He wouldn’t shut up, so I had to do something to pass the time.”

“How does a doodle help remind you to do something?”

“I made the doodle say something stupid and that made me remember and blah blah blah. If you happen to find it, just leave it on my desk, okay?”

“Will do.”

Eliza gives me a small nod before leaving. Just a second later, she steps back and leans in to give one more comment about my work ethics, “Oi, Heather. Watch your back around Alexis. I heard she’s the dominate type.”

Heather’s fingers drop onto the keyboard and she look directly at me, shock in her eyes and her cheeks red with embarrassment, “W-What?!”

“You just love making me look like a pervert, don’t you Eliza?”

“I can’t help it, it’s fun teasing you. Besides, I bet you’re actually the dominate one at home with Sam.”

I can’t openly admit she’s right about that. She wouldn’t let a single day slip by without making some kind of dominate joke. To play it off, I just wave my hand and chuckle at her claim, “Whatever you say. Shouldn’t you be looking for that paper instead of talking about my sex life?”

Eliza’s face quickly goes from her devilish grin to an annoyed stare, “You know I hate being reminded about work while at work.” She gives a small sigh before slowly walking off, “I’ll catch you two later.”

“Later.” With Eliza gone, I bring my attention back to showing Heather her new duties; she’s still looking straight at me like she’s surprised about something, “What? Something on my face?”

She rapidly shakes her head like a kid denying something, “No! I’m not thinking something dirty!” Finishing her words, she turns back to her desk and goes back to typing, her fingers moving so quickly against the keyboard it seems like it may break.

She’s stuck with dirty thoughts now. She’s gonna be like this all day.

I stand behind Heather for a bit longer, watching how she’s quickly filling in missing information and documents for the day. Normally, she goes no faster than a snail’s pace, making sure each line is filled correctly in fear of being yelled at for messing up. Seems like whenever she has perverted thoughts, she uses work to try and block it out.

“I wonder if Sam would work like that if she had a job?”

Heather keeps typing when she asks me, “Did you say something?”

I didn’t realize I said that out loud. “No, just thinking about something. You okay with finishing up the stuff I was showing you before?”

“Yeah, I think I got it. I’ll come to you if I need help with something.”

I decide to finally leave Heather’s cubical and head back to my own to finish my own pile of work.

* * * * *

“Hey Sam. If you had a job, how well would you be able to focus on working?”

“Probably. I mean, if I didn’t focus on work I’d be fired. Are we starting to have problems with paying the bills and we both need to get a job?!”

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