Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – A Pervert at Work, A Pervert at Home

“Masuri and Takashiro, right?”

When I said her parents’ names, Sam’s face lights up with a bright smile, “そうだよ。私のパパとママはとても大好きだよ。” (Yeah. I really love my mom and dad.) When I focus on Sam her eyes seem brighter than ever, as if somebody put stars from the night sky and gave them to her and her cheeks become a faint rose color, “Whenever I think about what it was like growing up with my parents I can’t help but think about how much they always showed their affection for each other. They were so happy and even when they had their arguments, they always came back better and stronger than ever. Especially my mom.”

“She was the most affectionate between the two?”

“Mhm. She was always up under my dad, grabbing him and liking to be physical with him whenever she got the chance. There was one time we were all eating at a restaurant and my mom decided to try and surprise my dad with–”

Hearing about Samantha’s mother was like hearing about an older version of Sam herself. Before she could even finish that story, I put my finger on Sam’s lips and shake my head, “Don’t even finish that sentence. I already know which direction it’s going.”

“Aww. I really wanted to finish that story. Was the ending really that obvious?”

“Is your mom a pervert like you?”


“Then yes, the ending was that obvious.”

Sam laughs and keeps her eyes on me, “I guess it runs in the family then. Except for my sister. I think it skipped her and passed onto me. Sometimes, I wonder how you put up with me being all touchy-feely.”

I shrug, “I’d rather have somebody I’m in a relationship with always touching me than somebody else. So, it’s not so bad.”

Even though Sam is just naturally a physical kind of person, one who likes to show their affection through actions and touch, I honestly like it. Of course, I can’t tell her that directly or else she’ll bump up on how much she’ll want to try and have her way with me. At home, I can deal with it, but I wouldn’t want to try and hide an orgasm in public with Sam’s hand in my pants. I should probably ask her father how he was able to survive that kind of stuff with her mother.

Through my train of though Sam brings me back to reality with a nice, warm kiss. Naturally, I grab her by the waist and lock her down, pushing our little make-out session a bit further; we eventually forgot to catch our breath and had to stop to recover.

Sam’s cheeks are even redder than before and trying to hide the excitement in her voice afterwards, “Does this mean we’ll go again?”

“Just for a bit. I still need to get up in time for work tomorrow.”

Sam does her little giggling routine as she pulls the blanket over us, “Have your way with me!”

* * * * *

“The guy over on Park Avenue is still complaining about him not receiving a copy of the most recent rent statement, the one sent out with the last batch. I swear, we must have sent at least three more envelopes to him. I bet he probably hasn’t been checking his mail, assuming we would sent it through a shipping service instead of the regular post. Eliza takes a bite of her burrito when she finishes her ranting, “That fucking prick.”

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