Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – A Pervert at Work, A Pervert at Home

Sam starts to stutter at this new revelation, swearing that she doesn’t moan too loud, but instead that the shower head just doesn’t use enough pressure. I let her ramble on and laugh at her trying to make excuses. She catches onto my laughter and starting getting rougher, trying to cover up my mouth.

“I-I-It’s not funny! The shower heads just sucks!”

I finally manage to control my laughing and catch my breath. I push her hand away from my mouth and talk again, “Alright, alright. The shower head isn’t pumping out hard enough. Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

Making sure everything’s fine, Sam climbs around in the bed and rests her head on my chest, looking up at me, “That shower sucks. Anyways, what was with you talking about me and jobs? Did something happen at work?”

“Nothing bad. I was helping Heather with something when Eliza came over and say something perverted.”

“Heather’s the one with the colorful hair and the nice butt, right?”

“Yeah. So, Eliza said something about Heather being dominated by me and that sent Heather into overdrive. She started working faster than I’ve ever seen her go before. It’s like she used working to block out the thoughts.”

“Maybe she just didn’t want to be distracted. Then again, thinking about how I was when I was back home, I used my thoughts as a distraction when I was working.”

Hearing Sam say that actually confused me, “You had a job?”

With a nod, Sam begins a story about her life back in Japan, “When I was in my second year of high school, I got a part-time job working in a small gift store for the holidays. People would come in, buy a few things, and have it all gift wrapped so they wouldn’t have to later. Most of the time, I would either help with stocking stuff on the shelves or gift wrapping sold items.

“How long did it last?”

“A little over three months. Wanted to get something that was running for a limited time at the end of the year, so I wanted to save up to make sure I was able to buy it when it went on sale.”

After all of this time of knowing Samantha and living with her, I never knew she had a job back in her teenage years. Ever since I knew her, she always seemed like the kind of person who just wanted to take things easy and slow. Even if it only lasted a short time, something must have came up that really put a fire in her to get a job.

Curious, I keep the conversation going by asking what she she saved up for. She answers by saying there was a limited edition jewelry set that only went on sale in December for the general public, but people could get specialized orders by reserving it at least one month in advance.

“My parents’ anniversary was also in December, so I figured I’d get them a set to celebrate that and Christmas as one gift. It came with two necklaces, each with their names on it.”

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