Kill la Kill: Season R – Chapter Three: Battle for Affection

Ryuko can feel the warmth from Satsuki’s hand resting on top of hers, her heartbeat starts racing again and her cheeks flush red again. The words “I want us to get to know each other better.” plays over and over in her head. Embarrassed but frustrated, Ryuko sits up and lets out a loud sigh, “Why the hell does she have to go and say something like that?! Geez…”

Confused by what Ryuko’s saying, Mako calmly lays next to her friend and watches. After a minute, Mako lets out a yawn and pulls her blanket over her head, “Well, whatever you think, I think Satsuki is just trying to make up for lost time with her little sister. Now, if you excuse me.” As soon as she finishes speaking, Mako falls asleep and starts snoring.

Now alone with her snoring friend, Ryuko take a quick glance at Mako before laying back down. Arms behind her head, she lets her thoughts run wild for a while, trying to piece together some kind of hidden plan that may be lurking. After quick conclusions, she can’t think of any motives as to why Satsuki may be hiding something. The sudden realization that maybe Satsuki is being genuine hit her a bit harder than expected. She turns her head over and looks out the window; she can see the main school building gleaming in the night sky.

What if she’s really trying to be an older sister…?

* * * * *

“Again! Again! We’re gonna be at this all night until you can get it right!”

“Relax! It’s my first time using this thing, so it’s gonna take a while before I can use it right! And stop screaming, that’s my job!”

“Tighten your grip around the handle. You’ll have better control on your strikes.”

Adjusting her hands on her shinai, her practice sword, before swinging at a stationary practice dummy, Jakuzure dashes out to go for an attack.

I got this, I got this!

Eyes on the dummy, she goes out to strike the dummy’s head but ends up swinging too hard and too high, completely missing and sending herself into a spin before falling back to the ground. Sitting on the edge of the stage, watching her entire failing performance, Sanageyama lets out a loud groan and rubs the corner of his eyes.

“Stop trying to go straight for the head!” Sanageyama yells out. “You’re still learning how to use that, so you need to stick with simple body strikes. And don’t throw your entire body into the swing, it throws you off balance.”

Frustrated with having to do such simple tasks, Jakuzure tosses her shinai aside and lays down on the floor, “Forget it. I’ve been at this for hours and I’ve barely landed any good hits on the damn dummy! I’m so tired from all this…”

“Pathetic.” Sanageyama pushes himself off of the stage and walks towards Jakuzure in the middle of the gymnasium.

Insulted, Jakuzure sits back up, “Pathetic?”

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