Kill la Kill: Season R – Chapter Three: Battle for Affection

“She’s my sister. I lost her once already and I’m not trying to lose her again.”

Jakuzure’s rage slowly subsides and gives way to a rising sadness, “That can’t just be the only reason you’re keeping an eye on her. I saw you two sitting together during lunch just the other day. You’re not acting like yourself anymore!”

“Neither are you, Nonon.” Letting out a deep sigh, Satsuki crosses her arms and looks over at Ryuko; Mako rushed out from the crowd and is standing next to her. Ryuko…

“See?! You’re looking at her right now!”

“Nonon. Go to the Student Council room. We’ll continue our conversation there.”


Satsuki looks back at Jakuzure with a harsh, but stern look, “Now.”

Fighting to hold back more tears, Jakuzure takes a deep breath and bows, “Yes, Lady Satsuki.”

Following the orders of her superior, Jakuzure reluctantly drops her shinai and turns around to walk towards the school building. Finished with one of them, Satsuki walks over to Ryuko.

“We’re you able to figure out why she’s got it out for me, Sis?” Ryuko questions.

Without giving an answer, Satsuki gives a firm slap across Ryuko’s face, landing in the same place where Jakuzure hit. Stinging and tightness in her face, Ryuko starts rubbing her cheek to try and soothe the pain.

“Geez, that’s twice in one day!”

“We may be family, but you’re still bound to the school rules and regulations. For your fight today, you’ll be remaining for an hour in detention today and will be forced to do extra work during it.”

“What?! But I wasn’t the one who started the fight!”

Satsuki gives Ryuko the same stern expression. As many times as Ryuko has seen that look, for some reason it seems a lot more deadly than usual, sending shivers down her spine. She tries to keep eye contact with Satsuki, but quickly breaks away.

“Damn it… What about pink hair? What’s going to happen to her?”

“She will be dealt with accordingly. For now, head to class.” Finishing her conversation with her younger sister, Satsuki turns her attention to the remaining school students, “Honnouji Academy! You all have five minutes to get to your assigned classroom. You do not make it in time, you will be given two hours of detention every day for the next thirty days!”

In a mass uproar, every student starts screaming as they bombard the school building as they sprint to their classrooms. Being in the way of the students, Ryuko and Mako get dragged along with the rest of them. In a matter of seconds, the entire courtyard is empty except for Satsuki, her stern expression turning into one of doubt. She looks at the school building with a heavy conscience.

How do I fix this? Is this feeling of doubt a daily sensation of a normal high school student’s life? This is all still somewhat new to me… Regardless, I need to talk to Nonon.

— Continued in Chapter Four

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