Kill la Kill: Season R – Chapter Three: Battle for Affection

“Here I am, spending some extra hours at the school to help you with some task that you want to achieve and you’re the one ready to give up just because you made some mistakes.” Picking up the shinai besides Jakuzure, Sanageyama takes an offensive stance at the dummy. In the blink of an eye, he dashes from the middle of the gym and lands a powerful body blow to the dummy a few meters away; his attack leaves a massive dent in the dummy’s chest.

Feeling more angered than inspired, Jakuzure gets back onto her feet and storms over to Sanageyama, “You’ve been doing this stuff for years! You can make even the hardest thing seem simple! You even did it blind for a little while!”

Without giving him a chance to speak, Jakuzure takes the shinai out of Sanageyama’s hands and starts randomly attacking the dummy, landing a few strikes in secession in various spots. With every swing, Jakuzure can feel her anger building up, her grip tightening, and her emotions slowly starting to take control of her actions. It doesn’t even look like she’s here to learn how to properly use a shinai for combat, but more of a stress relieving session by hitting something.

Quietly watching, Sanageyama backs up a few steps with his arms crossed. He starts to mumble something under his breath, but Jakuzure doesn’t notice; she’s too far gone in trying to cause as much damage as possible to the training dummy.

With every swing, she mumbles something under her breath.

“What?” Sanageyama asks, thinking she was saying something to him.

“Stay out of this, Monkey,” Jakuzure yells back.

Her swinging picks up in strength, becoming more and more violent with each passing minute. Shortly after, her eyes begin to water, making her vision blurry.

I was here first. I was the one who was by your side ever since we were little. We grew up together, saw each other change, and now I’m put on the sideline all because some dead sister suddenly comes into your life?

Jakuzure’s tears start to flow more, trickling down the side of her cheeks. She starts to lose strength in her arms and her swings become less deadly and start to miss the dummy entirely.

Not too long ago you two were at each others’ throats, and now you’re suddenly spending time together. You barely spend time with just me anymore; it always involved the rest of the council members. I want time just for us!

Jakuzure’s next swing barely has any power behind it; it simply taps the side of the dummy. Eyes flooding with tears, she drops the shinai and falls to her knees, slamming her fists on the gym floor. Sobbing is the only sound in the entire gym. After a strange moment, Sanageyama tries to get a word in.

Somewhat hesitant and confused, he says, “Hey, you oka—”

Jakuzure lashes out at him with puffy eyes, “Shut up right now! You wouldn’t even understand if I told you!”

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