Kill la Kill: Season R – Chapter Three: Battle for Affection

Sanageyama wants to take a step forward to try and talk to Jakuzure, but he’s trying to figure out a way to do so without the possibility of getting hit. Instead, he just goes around her and heads for the exit. Before he walks out, he turns around and says one more thing, “I don’t know what’s wrong, but it looks like you’re going through something. You can stay here until you’re feeling better. Don’t worry about the doors. They’ll lock on their own when you leave.”

Jakuzure doesn’t move nor does she look back. She continues to let the tears roll off of her cheeks. Outside of her sobs, she can hear the sound of the metal gymnasium doors quickly opening and closing far behind her. Alone with a dummy and her thoughts, Jakuzure wipes the tears from her eyes and takes a moment to try and calm herself down. Her thoughts start to flood with all of the different memories of her and Satsuki, starting from when they were in primary school and leading all the way up to their current lives.

“You’ve been in my life for so long,” Jakuzure begins. “It’s only natural for me to be greedy about having to share you… right?”

As she’s going on aboutwanting Satsuki to herself, she looks at the dummy, starting to visualize Ryuko in its place. Jakuzure’s thoughts of Satsuki slowly shift to ones about Ryuko, remembering all of the times she clashed with her and the other members of the student council. However, the intense and nearly fatal encounters with Satsuki became the main thing on her mind. And soon, her desire for Satsuki, slowly changed into anger against Ryuko.

Jakuzure’s tears comes to a stop as her eyes fill with rage staring at the dummy, “It’s all your fault… It’s all your fault! I swear, I’m going to get you for coming in between me and my Satsuki!” Having a sudden surge of renewed energy, she quickly gets back on her feet. She picks up the shinai and points it directly at the dummy, addressing it as if it’s able to respond, “I’m going to make sure you stay out of my way from here on out, you hear me?! I’m getting my Satsuki back and you can’t stop me!”

* * * * *

Managing to catch the train car leading up to the school, Ryuko and Mako casually walk down the path towards the school building. Groups of students are talking with each other as they make their way to begin another day of classes.

Ryuko lets out a loud yawn and rubs her eye, “Damnit, I’m exhausted…”

Swinging her school bag, Mako looks at Ryuko, “Couldn’t sleep last night?”

“You know why I was up last night. You even stayed up with me for a bit just to talk. It was after you came back from the bathroom.”

“Oh, right. How long were you awake?”

Ryuko lets out another yawn and stretches, “I only slept for like thee hours. I tried to go to sleep, but I kept thinking about what Satsuki said to me. It just kept playing over and over in my head.” Just talking about last night causes Satsuki’s words to start replying in her head, I want us to get to know each other better. Embarrassment takes over again; Ryuko starts blushing and crosses her arms to try and play it off as anger.

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