Kill la Kill: Season R – Chapter Three: Battle for Affection

“You okay, Ryuko?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just thought about something. Let’s just get to class.”

“You’re not going to class as long as I’m here, Matoi!”

Ryuko and Mako focus forward to see who was calling out. Students heading towards the school quickly break into two rows lining up from the main entrance of the school. Holding a shinai over her shoulder and dressed in a full set of kendo practice armor except for the mask, Jakuzure slowly makes her way down the path. With tamed hatred in her eyes, she keeps her gaze locked onto Ryuko.

With a large gap between the two, Jakuzure comes to a stop, “Matoi.”

“What is this?” Ryuko sarcastically asks. She takes a few steps forward and looks around, “You part of Sanageyama’s crew now or something? Gave up the band lifestyle?”

“Real funny. I’m cracking up.”

“What do you want? Class is about to start and me and Mako don’t want to be late.”

Jakuzure takes the shinai off of her shoulder and throws it down the path, having it land right at Ryuko’s feet, “Fight me.”

Both with confused expressions, Ryuko and Mako look right at each other then at the shinai on the ground.

“This is a joke, right?” Mako hesitantly asks.

Ryuko gives a slight shrug, “Beats me. Seems like the ‘Fight Club’ has been reinstated. I knew there was a hidden motive to Satsuki after all. She still has it in for me.” Ryuko brings her attention back to Jakuzure, “Hey, Satsuki put you up to this, didn’t she? She still wants me dead, right?”

With a snap of her fingers, a student rushes out from the school building and brings another shinai to Jakuzure. Visualizing her session from the night before, she goes into an offensive stance and takes a deep breath. “Lady Satsuki may be involved in all this,”

“I knew it!”

“But it’s my own decision to kick your ass!”

Pushing off of her right leg, Jakuzure’s kicking up dust as she charges at Ryuko. Without a moment to think, Ryuko pushes Mako out of the way, into the crowd of people, and picks up the shinai in front of her, going into her usual fighting stance.

Just a second later, Jakuzure goes for an overhead strike, but clashes with Ryuko; the sound of sturdy, hardwood material echoes throughout the school courtyard. Locked in place, the pair exchange glares at each other before breaking and backing up.

“What the hell is going on?” Ryuko shouts.

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