Kill la Kill: Season R – Chapter Three: Battle for Affection

“Stop blocking!” Jakuzure roars. As she continues to speak, her voice starts to crack like she’s trying to hold something back.

Without her even realizing it, tears start trickling out of the corner of Jakuzure’s eyes. Ryuko picks up on it.

She’s crying…? She keeps bring up Satsuki and me trying to take her away. Lost in her thoughts, Ryuko starts to piece everything together and stumbles upon a possible solution, “Wait a minute. Are you mad because me and her are sisters?”

“Are you dense?! I see the way Satsuki watches you! She doesn’t care if you’re blood sisters, she’s –”


A powerful voice echoes through the courtyard, followed by a bright light shining down from above. All of the students on the sidelines straighten up and line up perfectly, all bowing in unison. With their shinai stuck mid-clash, Ryuko looks behind Jakuzure and looks up at the stairs from the top of the school. With a stern look and quickly walking down, Satsuki steps down from the school with her heels clacking behind her.

“Stop this fight right now!”

“Damn, Sis is coming down,” Ryuko mumbles.

Jakuzure overhears and reacts; she drops her shinai and gives a fierce slap across Ryuko’s face, leaving a stinging, red mark on her cheek.

Storming down the path, Satsuki separates the two and takes a glace at each of them, “What the hell is going on here?”

Ryuko answers first, pointing at Jakuzure, “How the hell should I know? I’m trying to get to the school and then I suddenly get attacked by this chick! She has some kind of grudge against me just because you’re my sister or something!”

“Is this true, Nonon?”

Tears are still flowing from Jakuzure’s eyes even though she’s speaking with anger, “She has no idea how lucky she has it right now! She randomly shows up at this school one day and gets everybody’s attention, especially yours! She doesn’t deserve to even walk on the ground you’re standing on!”

Holding back the two from ripping out each others’ throats, Satsuki grabs Jakuzure by her hand and pulls her away, taking a moment to talk to her alone.

“Nonon. Why are you attacking Ryuko? We don’t have a reason to be against her. Everybody should be on the same page and want to keep the peace around here.”

“Lady Satsuki, she’s all you ever talk about now. Ever since this place was rebuilt, you’ve constantly keep an eye on her.”

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