Kill la Kill: Season R – Chapter Three: Battle for Affection

Jakuzure charges in for another attack, “It’s your fault for starting all this” She tries to get an attack in, but it gets deflected. “Ever since you showed up, Satsuki’s had her attention on you. What’s so special about you that she has to constantly keep an eye on you?!”

Relentless in her assault, Jakuzure starts swinging wildly to try and get a hid. Although she was unsuccessful in landing a clean hit, she manages to push the defensive Ryuko back a few steps. With each swing and strike Jakuzure dishes out, more and more strength seems to be behind them, clashes sounding even louder than before. However, due to the difference in combat experience and styles, it’s clearly visible that Ryuko’s simply just trying to stay defensive even though she could change the flow of the battle with ease.

In the middle of combat, Ryuko’s body instinctively knows how to act while she’s trying to under get a grip of the reasons behind why she’s suddenly being attacked, She’s saying Satsuki’s involved somehow, but she came on her own will to try and fight me…

Seeing how her opponent has barely attempted to try and get a hit in, Jakuzure starts taunting, “Why aren’t you fighting back? I came for a fight, not for a demonstration!”

“You asked for it.”

With an entire crowd watching, Ryuko’s moves seem to pick up speed, deflecting an incoming strike and managing to land a swing into Jakuzure’s side. Even though it appeared like a light swing t the crowd, the actual blow was hard-hitting, causing Jakuzure to stumble and lose her grip on her shinai.

Taking advantage of the slight pause in the fight, Ryuko asks, “You know, this would mean a whole lot more to me if I knew why you’ve got it out for me. Are you made about the few fights we had when all of that life fiber stuff was going on?”

Holding her side, Jakuzure mumbles, “Damnit, that hurt even through the body protection…” She fights off the pain and answers Ryuko, “Are you blind, stupid, or both?”

“Seriously, I’m lost about why this fight is even happening. To be honest, I was starting to get use to the non-threatening vibe around here.”

“Don’t try to play dumb” Adjusting her grip, Jakuzure gets back into an offensive stance. “I saw you sitting with Lady Satsuki the other day!”

Ryuko’s face quickly flushes red, “You saw that?!”

Hearing that answer sparks rage within Jakuzure. Teeth clenched and a steel grip, she charges one more time, “I knew it! You’re trying to take Satsuki away from me!”


Letting her emotions get the best of her, Jakuzure starts going for a barrage of swings hoping to try and vent by hitting Ryuko. Just like before, Ryuko easily blocks every incoming attack without trouble.

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