Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Lack of Sleep

“Do you really have to talk about this while I’m trying to relax in a bath?”

“It’s the most perfect time! You’re just sitting around in a tub and literally doing nothing. Besides, you’ll need somebody to wash your back.”

“But do you need to talk to me while leaning on the side of the tub?”

While I try to enjoy a nice, relaxing, steamy bubble bath to help soothe my stiff joints from work, Sam’s leaning against the edge of the tub, staring right at me with a big smile on her face. I personally don’t understand why she still decides to watch me take a bath every now and then aside from the fact that she’s a pervert and likes seeing me naked. Then, we live together, so she’s gonna see me naked at times regardless.

Letting them steam get my head, I take a deep breath and lean back against the small bath pillow, keeping my eyes on Sam, “You’re going to stay like that, aren’t you?”


I shrug, “Alright. So, what’cha wanna talk about? You ran in here so excited about whatever it is.”

“It is! There’s this new video game coming out tomorrow and I totally forgot to reserve a copy at the game shop.”

“You mean one in the basement of that old residential building? What’s it called again?”

“‘16-Bit Gameware.’ I’ve been going there so much the store owner personally gives me twenty percent off everything I get whenever I buy something!”

I got a feeling I know where this is going. She’s gonna want me to drive her to the store early in the morning before they open so she can be the first in line to pick up the game.

Sam puts on the puppy dog eyes and manages to make her bottom lip quiver, “Sooo, I was wondering if you could drop me off bef–”

“Sure,” I say before she can finish her sentence. I sink a little be deeper into the water, my chin just touching the top, “Just remind me in the morning and I’ll drive you over before I head to work. It’s not too far.”

Full of excitement, Sam leans into the tub and drops a heavy kiss on the top of my head, “Thank you, thank you!”

“Yeah, yeah. Just let me relax in the bath for a little before before you pummel me with kisses and hugs.”

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