Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Lack of Sleep

“Sam, I’m a grown woman. I can take care of myself.” Even though I say that, I struggle to try and push myself up, but I barely make it half way up and collapse onto the couch, “Alright, feed me.”

I hear Sam rush off into the kitchen while I try to get comfortable on the couch, turning around and staring at the ceiling. The blank, white ceiling just stares back at me, making me feel like I’m drifting off into some kind of endless void that just sucks me in whole. Before I get too far into some fake philosophical thoughts, I turn and focus on the television, watching whatever Sam had on before I came in.

I can barely keep my eyes open. I’m sure Sam wouldn’t mind if I just closed them for a minute…

* * * * *

I can’t keep this up. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. If I stop now, I know I’m going to die

The hallways just stretches to infinity, the white walls almost makes me feel like I’m not even moving, like I’m stuck somewhere and it feels like I’m running. My breathing’s getting heavier and heavier, but I can’t stop running. Not with that… thing chasing me. It doesn’t make any sounds, but I know it’s following me, just trying to take me out.

I try to get a glance back, and I see it…

“Giant Stapler!”

“Alexis, are you alright?”

Somebody’s here with me?

As I’m looking around, I start to notice the white walls fading away, almost melting, and turning into a dark room with a bright light beaming at my face. However, the darkness doesn’t feel too threatening. Instead, it’s more relaxing like I’ve been here before. Items start filling in the empty space, shelves and tables filled with various items. It takes me a moment, but I realize that I’m in the living room of my house.

The only thing that manages to whisper out of my mouth is “What the fuck just happened? Was I dreaming?”

I look down in front of me and see Sam sitting on the floor a few feet away at me; she’s staring back at me with a confused look. The bright light from the television shines behind her, but the colors are a lot darker, filled with more red and black.

I sit up to stretch when I notice that my clothes feel a bit more loose. Somehow, I have on my usual white tank top and my sky blue boy shorts for lounging around the house. I look down my top and bluntly ask, “You changed me and felt me up while I was sleeping, didn’t you?”

Sam slowly turns around back to the television to hide her blushing face, “No.”

“Did you only focus on the top half?”

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