Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Lack of Sleep

I turn my head so I can look at the both of them, “Shut up, Eliza. Don’t listen to her, Heather. It’s nothing like that.”

Eliza crosses her arms and sucks her teeth, “The real reason isn’t as exciting as the one I gave. Mine gives a person more to visualize.”

“You sound like Sam..”

Eliza gives a devilish grin, “I’m not ashamed to like the human body. Let me get back to work before I lose myself in this topic.”

“Yeah, you do that. Heather, want to try and see if you can process that resident again?”

Focusing on Heather, I notice that her entire face is bright red with her eyes wide and staring at me. I bet she’s probably thinking about what me and Sam could have possibly done that would make me exhausted. To be honest, my lack of sleep is overpowering my embarrassment. I close my eyes and tell her, “Go back to your desk and work on other things. I’ll help you out later.”

“O-Okay! I wasn’t imagining you naked!”

… Didn’t need to know that.

* * * * *

Everything’s so quiet. It’s so peaceful around here. Whatever I’m sitting in is so soft and knows the exact places to make my body feel like I’m being cradled. All of the tension left my body and I feel so at ease… almost too at ease. Usually whenever somebody’s feeling so at peace, they’re either dead or asleep. I know I didn’t get shot, so that must mean… Oh fuck, where did I pass out?

A cold breeze gently glides around my chest and wraps itself around my neck. A soft cushion of some sorts holds my head up in perfect alignment with my back. I can feel myself slowly coming out of a dreamy state-of mind, trying to wake up.

Through heavy eye lids a blinding light shines into my eyes for a moment, making me cover my face with my hands, “Holy shit, my eyes hurt.” After a few moments to try and adjust, my vision starts to come back. I look around for a moment and things are starting to come back to me. Soft, smooth seating, a nice headrest behind me, and a small air vent blowing in my face, I start to realize that I’m waking up in the driver’s seat of my car.

As I’m waking up, I let out a small yawn and rub my eyes, “Damn, how long was I out…?” I glace at the car receiver and the digital clock reads “7:10PM.” I honestly don’t even remember what time I got back into my drive way, but I’d say I was out cold for at least twenty-five minutes. I’m surprised Sam didn’t try to come and wake me up. Maybe she’s not home?

Feeling somewhat rested I head out of the car and into the house, kicking my heels off as I lock the door behind me. When I walk into the living room, a strong, aromatic smell of various spices tickles the inside of my nose. My palate with foods is pretty average, so the only scent I can pick up is the sweet smell of cinnamon and vanilla.

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