Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Lack of Sleep

Sam gives me one more kiss before backing away. I adjust my position and sink further into the tub, hiding behind the wall of bubble suds and letting my hair floating across the top of the water. I close my eyes and take in the aroma of the strawberry scented body soap nearby; I can finally let my aching body loosen up. I let my mind flood with different thoughts and ideas, jumping around from conversations from work, to what I would want to do for the weekend. For a little while, I stop myself from falling asleep in the tub.

Then I start to feel something, something staring at me. I open my eyes halfway and slowly turn to look at the side of the tub. Sitting on her knees, hands in lap and back straight, Sam’s staring at me with the same smile on her face. She notices me looking at her and gives me a little wave. I already said that I’ll drive her in the morning, so she doesn’t really have a reason to be here. But since she is, that can only mean that she wants something.

“You want to get in the bath with me, don’t you?” I bluntly ask.

“Okay!” she shouts as she quickly removes her clothes.

I didn’t say she could get in… Whatever.

* * * * *

Why the hell did I agree to take Sam to that game place in the morning? I should have known that she’d want to go so much earlier than the normal person. It was my own mistake…

I can’t help but let out a long chain of yawns and groans at my desk. I’ve only been here for a little over an hour and I can’t wait until I get off and go home. I shouldn’t really rush it though; Sam will probably be head deep in her new game and might be yelling at the screen. I’ll probably be too tired to notice it anyways.

I try to lift my head up to look at my screen, but my head drops right back down onto the desk. I groan, “Shit. I’m practically falling asleep here…”

“Why don’t you get yourself a nice cup of coffee?”

I slowly turn my head, keeping my head on my desk. Eliza’s standing in front of my cubicle, drinking out of her pink thermos. She gently shakes it at me, offering me a sip, but I wave my hand to decline.

Surprised, Eliza starts to question me, “What? Don’t tell me you’re a coffee hater?”

“I can’t stand it. I prefer tea over that black stuff. I’ve always been that way ever since I was a kid.”

“You sure we’re not somehow related? You’re more British than I am, and I’m from England.”

That makes me chuckle a little bit, which actually helps wake me up. I manage to bring my head up, but just end up leaning back in my chair with my head thrown back. I can still see Eliza standing there from the corner of my eye.

She takes a sip from her thermos before continuing our chat, “What’s got you so tired, Love? Had a late night with young Sammy again, didn’t you? Under the covers, bumping and grinding?”

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