Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Lack of Sleep

Sam can’t even find the right words to say, all she can do is let out a long string of embarrassing chuckles. She must of have a good time while I was knocked out. I swear, I’m gonna get her back for that. I take a moment to try and fully wake up then I turn around and focus on Sam. Looks like ever since I passed out, she’s been sitting in front of the television playing her video games. I’m surprised I didn’t wake up from hearing loud sound effects.

“How long was I out?” I ask.

“Ummm, I’d say for a few hours. You fell asleep before I came back with your– SHIT!”

“What happened?”

“Just got sucked into a boss battle without saving and casting my buff spells. I need to distract him so I can set up properly or else I’m dead.”

I start to focus on the television and notice that the images and graphics don’t seem familiar to what Sam usually plays around the house, “Is this that new game you bought today?”


“Was it worth the early four in the morning drive? You do realize that I was exhausted all day because of it, right? I almost fell asleep at work.”

“It was your fault for not asking what time I wanted to go.” Sam turns around and sticks her tongue at me for a moment. “Besides, if you knew what time I wanted to go, you wouldn’t have drove me.”

“You’re damn right about that.” I look around and find the small wall clock above the television-entertainment setup. It’s just past two in the morning, “Shit, I’m wide awake now. I won’t be able to fall back asleep. You know this is is your fault, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, punish me later. Let me just finish this boss first then I’ll let you touch me wherever you want as a punishment.”

“You want that to happen, you pervert.”

Sam chuckles a bit, “Yeah, a bit. Guilty as charged.”

Wide awake with too much time before having to go to work, I watch Sam play her game, her showing no signs of slowing down or going to sleep any time soon. Even if I went to the bedroom and laid down to try and sleep, I wouldn’t be able to. I let out a sigh, realizing that I’m going to have another morning at work where Eliza’s going to roast me about why I’m so tired at work. I shrug it off and lay on the couch, pointing out little details about the game to try and irritate Sam; that’ll be her punishment.

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