Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Lack of Sleep

To this day, I never understand why Eliza always thinks that me and Sam did something the night before. Embarrassingly though, she’s right every now and then but what me and Sam do in the bedroom is private. Regardless, I give her an answer, “No. She wanted a ride to the game store a few minutes away from here. Apparently, a new game is being released today and she wanted to be one of the first people to buy it. It’s a popular series or somethin’ like that.”

“Whenever a new game is released, aren’t the lines usually ridiculously long? Don’t people line up hours before a game store is even open?”

“I wish I had remembered that when I agreed to give Sam a ride… She woke me up at four this morning.”

“Christ. I take it you weren’t able to go back to sleep afterward?”

“Nope. And I’m suffering right now because of it.” I let out yawn so loud I stretch out my mouth and my jaw cracks. And that’s never a pleasant feeling.

A familiar voice joins in on our conversation, “Alexis, can you help me with something?”

I scoot my chair around to get a look outside my cubicle and see Heather, holding a manila folder at her chest, patiently waiting next to Eliza. Me and Eliza were talking for quite a bit. I wonder how long she was waiting there?

Regardless, I yawn again before turning my attention to the shy Heather, “What do you need help with today? Can’t find a certain resident? Somebody complaining about a bill charge?”

She shakes her head before handing me the folder, “For some reason, I can’t add a new resident to a current lease holder’s agreement. I don’t think I have the right access authorization on my account. I was wondering if you could do it for me?”

I quickly flip through the contents of the folder, pointing out various details about the new resident. However, none of it strikes me as interesting nor being a reason as to why Heather can’t process them into the system. It’s probably just a settings thing on her account that I’ll have to change.

I take a notepad and pen from my desk and hand it to Heather, “Write down your login info. I’ll take a look at your stuff just in case something isn’t authorized. It should be fine though.”

My eye lids are getting too heavy… I need to try and at least manage to stay awake until break.

I bring my chair back to my desk and lay my head down again, just shutting my eyes for a few moments of rest. I may not be facing them, but I can still hear Eliza and Heather whispering to each.

“What’s wrong with Alexis? Did she not get enough sleep?”

“Her and Sam were going at it last night, saying how she let Sam have her way with her last night. She’s still trying to recover from all of the huffing and moaning.”


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