Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Lack of Sleep

That wonderful smells is making think of one and one thing only, “Is that… cinnamon rolls baking in the kitchen?”

If there’s one thing that drags me out like a mouse and cheese, it’s cinnamon rolls. I quickly walk through the living room, tossing my blazer onto the couch, and heading to the kitchen. As bouncy as ever, I see Samantha moving between pots and pans, mixing and prepping ingredients with flying speed. Throw on a chef’s jacket instead of her usual apron and she’ll look like one of those well-known famous chefs on competition shows.

I walk up to the closest counter and prop myself up for a seat, “What’s for dinner?”

Jumpy as always, hearing a sudden voice makes Sam shiver for a sec. She freezes for a moment and gives a long sigh, “Damn, I dropped my spoon in the pot…”

I chuckle a bit, “Sorry, sorry. Did I startle you?”

Sam turns around and with her cheeks puffed and big, bright eyes squinting eyes at me, she says, “Of course you did! I was so focused on making sure not to let this sauce boil too much!” She turns back around and stares down at the simmering pot for a moment, “Screw it, it’s done already. You ready to eat?”

I push myself off of the counter and come up behind Sam, grabbing her by the waist and looking over her shoulder, “What’re we having? Something Japanese?”

“Technically, no matter what I cook, wouldn’t still be considered ‘Japanese?’”

A yawn slips from my mouth before I answer, “I guess.”

I’m not sure how much I have left in me before I completely crash again. I should just eat, shower, then hit the bed.

Another yawn comes out and I end up stretching, feeling like I was going to pull something out of place if I went any further.

“You’re tired, aren’t you?”

“Just a bit, but I’m fine.”

Sam shakes her head and grabs my hand, “You should be lying down trying to rest.” She starts walking and pulls me to the living room couch with ease. She motions me to lay down, but I don’t fight it. This sleepiness is just getting stronger and stronger.

Face first into the arm rest cushion, my words come out muffled, “Sam, I’m fine. Just let me rest my eyes for a few minutes and I’ll be good to go. Besides, I need to eat.”

Effortlessly and without resistance, Sam takes off my blazer, “I’ll just have to feed you then if you’re too tired to eat for yourself.” She goes silent for a moment, then I hear her chuckling really loudly, “It’s been a while since I fed you.”

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