Month: March 2017


When it’s time for a person to focus on their education, it’s normal for them to turn to those ahead of them, their upperclassmen, in a time of need. Occasionally, they will slowly form a bond after repeated instances of meeting each other.

The same goes for girls; they’ll rely on one another. But sometimes, the upperclassmen will want to protect and learn more about their underlings, potentially wanting something more meaningful. 

Everybody deserves for find affection and love.

“I noticed you the day I first saw you eating alone during our lunch break.”

Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Creepy Crawly in the Attic (Part 1)

Samantha decides to do some more cleaning around the house while Alexis is out at work, but somehow ends up finding herself on the wrong side of the tracks. She finds a few new things, one of them putting her into a hysterical rage.

What did she find that made her go crazy and run?

This little bastard snuck its way out of the box, moved through the field of wooden train tracks, and decided to make itself comfortable right on top of my hand.

Sun and Moon

There’s a young girl who shines of gold who brings warm smiles to the faces of those who greet her. Time after time, she has no qualms about smiling for them.

One night, a sudden stranger approaches her and for some reason, she finds herself unable to smile for them. 

But why?

When the young woman extended her hand to help the person up, she froze up when she saw their appearance.

Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – I’ll Clean Another Day

Some people find entertainment in cleaning with all of the washing and the dusting and the fresh smells left behind. Some have special methods to get it done. Sam’s one of those people.

When she doesn’t have the tools she needs however, she gets a little lazy and abandons the idea of cleaning for the day. 

“Where the hell did I put my scrub brush skates?!”

Next Apartment Over

A bond between females can appear many different ways to a person’s eye. It may seem strictly platonic and rooted in a deep friendship, while sometimes it may appear like a sisterly bond as if they were blood relatives. Then there’s the case where the relationship may seem one way, but is entirely something else behind closed doors.

The public appearance between females may hide away a deeper connection that stays strictly between them.

“Can’t you see I’m trying to get some sleep?”

“C’mon, it’s too early to be sleeping!”